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What do you write in your first blog post anyway?  It’s kind of awkward, really, but I guess I’ll start out with an explanation.  A breakdown of the blog title will tell you pretty much all you need to know:

I’m Lauren, and I love oatmeal.  It’s almost always what I have for breakfast, because not only is it delicious (I love food) and nutritionally perfect (B.S. Nutrition, UMass Amherst), it’s inexpensive (some may say I’m cheap, but I prefer “thrifty”), and I can run immediately after eating it (I’m one of those crazy people who will get up at 6:30 to go on an 18-mile run before it gets too hot out) which is great because all of us nutrition nerds out there know that pre-workout, carbohydrate is the most important.

This blog was supposed to chronicle my training and ultimate success in a few awesome races the summer after earning my BS in Nutrition, then follow whatever wellness-related adventures I have ahead of me.  Now, unexpectedly, it will follow my attempt to remain fit through the recovery from bilateral stress fractures, moving to a new and unfamiliar city (and climate!), finding a job while working 40 hours a week for school, and a whole host of other challenges.  Basically, although life isn’t going exactly as I had envisioned right now, there is no shortage of things to write about. I hope you enjoy the blog!

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