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All about the big move.

I’m moving to New Orleans on Saturday. That’s just a tad under 1500 miles away from home.  That’s pretty far. I’m moving to complete a dietetic internship at Tulane University.  For those who don’t know, a dietetic internship is like … Continue reading

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Active vacations: Acadia

So this is a little late, but I’ve been all over the place lately.  Moving the last few things out of the house in Amherst and saying a quick goodbye to my favorite things there: the farmer’s market, Rao’s cafe … Continue reading

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A much needed rainy day.

I went to bed with the intention of getting to the gym around 8:30 to spin, solely because I am terrible at spinning and hate it and therefore it is good for me.  But when I awoke to a gray … Continue reading

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Guess what!

Something incredible happened this week. I started running again! So maybe it’s just been 5-minute intervals.  Maybe it feels a little harder than it should.  But I’m RUNNING! When I went to the orthopedist earlier in the month, my doctor … Continue reading

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Iced tea, revisited

So, one of my resolutions was to NOT drink the diet soda (for a brief review of some reasons for you to do this also, read this) that seems to be everywhere in this house.  Luckily for me, I had … Continue reading

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Mom’s House

In addition to being the name of a reportedly wonderful Chinese restaurant in Amherst, Mom’s house is where I am currently living (technically, it’s also Dad’s house, but we all know how that really works).  Since I left for college, … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day!!

Again, no food pictures.  Sorry – I’m workin’ on it! I changed up my breakfast a little today.  Started out with a peach, and followed it with yogurt (not oatmeal).  I had about 3/4 cup of plain Chobani, to which … Continue reading

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