Mom’s House

In addition to being the name of a reportedly wonderful Chinese restaurant in Amherst, Mom’s house is where I am currently living (technically, it’s also Dad’s house, but we all know how that really works).  Since I left for college, however, I have realized that this is not the healthiest environment for me to be in.  Even after the initial excitement about my return which elicited the “let’s check out THIS restaurant”s and the “let me make you THIS meal”s and the “have a glass of wine with me..or 2″s, and the extra baking that always seems to happen when I get here all dies down, it’s still a bit of a toxic place.  They prefer white rice and pasta, you can tell that we share a hometown with Friendly’s ice cream corporation just by looking in our freezer, there has been a new batch of brownies on the counter every five days, and there is a chocolate-filled cereal called “Krave” in the cabinet.  Clearly I did not make that purchase.  But just as important as what’s here is what’s not here: my typical stash of vegetables, my beloved saturday farmer’s market, the bike path, good hiking, the Rec Center, my friends…all essential for maintaining my regular lifestyle habits.  I just prefer going to the grocery store for myself, buying what I know I want, knowing what’s in the refrigerator and what I am going to cook myself.  I’m surrounded by food I wouldn’t normally eat and a blaring absence of food that I do want to eat, along with two broken legs that prevent me from working out as I normally would.

Today, I decided to grab the bull by the horns, and volunteered to make dinner for everyone.  I decided on a stir fry with summer squash, zucchini, mushrooms, onion, kale, chicken, and my favorite teriyaki sauce.  I served it with brown rice, which is normally detested in my house, but today my mom said: “I absolutely love the brown rice with this!”  My sister is 17, and never finishes her dinner, but she cleaned her plate today, and my dad even mentioned how impressed he was with that on our walk together afterwards.  I may just be getting my healthy ways through to them!  I am going to institute some healthy eating/living rules for myself from now until I can live normally after the move.

I hereby vow to get back to my regular habits with the following rules:

– No more “I shouldn’t eat this” food

– Avoid  the gazillion diet sodas here and stick with water or homemade, unsweetened iced tea

– Alcohol only 1-2 drinks only on the weekends if there is a reason for it

– Cut the dessert

– REALLY focus on when I’m hungry and when I just think I should be hungry

– Con somebody into giving me a free gym membership

– Focus on upper body 2x/week, legs 1x/week (being SUPER CAREFUL with the legs), pool running or biking at least 3x/week, walking or walk/run on the other days

Hold me to it!

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