Guess what!

Something incredible happened this week.

I started running again!

So maybe it’s just been 5-minute intervals.  Maybe it feels a little harder than it should.  But I’m RUNNING!

When I went to the orthopedist earlier in the month, my doctor told me that once six weeks had passed after the initial diagnosis, I could start on a recovery program for people with stress fractures.  It starts out really slowly, with my first workout being walk 10 minutes, run 5 minutes, walk 5 minutes, run 5 minutes.  Pretty subdued.  But on Monday, I laced up my shoes, dragged my boyfriend out into the 86 degree, humid, sunny day, and we did it!  I can’t even tell you how my body felt, I was practically skipping with excitement at the fact that I was just doing it.  I can tell you it was hot.  That’s about it.  Yesterday I did the second workout, 3 bouts of alternating 5 minutes walking and 5 minutes running.  It was glorious.

I can tell that this is going to be a long, painful process.  I know that moving to New Orleans won’t make it any easier – adjusting to the heat and humidity while adjusting to running itself will be extra difficult.  But running is a huge part of me, it is relaxing.  While I’ve been living here at my parents’ house, I’ve felt awkward.  I’m used to taking care of myself, but here I have my family who want to help out – but exactly how much?  If I do a load of laundry and forget to take it out of the dryer for a few hours, will someone else do it?  Will they be pissed?  Maybe.  There’s no set rules.  And I find myself wanting to make dinner, but my standby meals with the frequent use of kale, tofu, beans, and other ingredients that I love won’t be touched by them.  Living in a constant state of compromise, always trying to figure out what’s ok and what’s not is really draining.  Finally having that time to myself again is really great.

The last workout I posted about seems like forever ago!  Exercise milestones since that time include my first real leg workout since injury (more on weight lifting later), my first bodypump class (purely out of curiosity), and some excellent outdoor adventures at Acadia national park that I’ll discuss when I’ve got pictures.

Before all of this excitement though, I had a few more workouts in the pool.  Instead of just pool running for an hour, I decided to switch things up, using intervals of pool sprints in between different bodyweight exercises like push ups, planks, bridges, etc.  When the deer flies got bad one day, I switched to swimming laps.  Now, I can swim just fine, but I am definitely not a trained swimmer.  Therefore, it’s a great workout for me due to sheer inefficiency of my stroke, which also means that I would never do it in public.  Self-conscious wimp?  Maybe, alright.  I’ll give you that.  But I’ve got other forms of cardio that I prefer, and I’ve been able to get back to them without pain (knock on wood).


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