I live in Louisiana!

Honestly, that’s something I never thought I’d say.  Basically, anywhere but the northeast or the Rockies is somewhere I’ve never pictured myself living.  I’m a skier, and here short sleeves are the norm well into December.  I don’t know anybody here – no high school or college friends that fled to the Big Easy, no obscure relatives.  I grew up with meals cooked by a woman who can’t even stand black pepper, and here everyone carries Tobasco around in their purse.  It’s so different…but SO cool!  I’m excited to absorb as much New Orleans culture as possible, sweat a little (okay, a lot) more than I would back home, carve out my niche in a brand new place, and have an amazing time.  Here goes nothin!

Me, looking a little worse for the wear at my NEW front door after driving ten hours from NC.  Here’s to new beginnings!


Some weird things that I have learned in my short time here thus far:

1. There is no such thing as cold water.  Well, not out of the faucet anyway.  I didn’t know my hot water heater was gas-powered, so I didn’t have the gas turned on, and I have taken two perfectly comfortable showers without hot water.  In New Orleans, you don’t dig holes: it’s a swamp – even the dead get buried in above-ground tombs.  No ice-cold running water, no freezing showers, just lukewarm water coming out of the faucet.

2. NO LEFT TURNS!  This is something that I’ve never heard of anywhere else.  If you want to make a left turn, instead of being that jerk backing up the road, you drive past the turn, pull a U-ie, and take it as a right turn.  I guess it makes sense traffic-wise, but it’s utterly terrifying for a first timer.

3. Jay walking is likely to lead to death or serious injury.  Having lived in Amherst, MA for several years, I am used to yielding to pedestrians and freely crossing the road wherever I want when on foot.  Not here.  Even on Magazine, a street lined with hundreds of charming little shops and restaurants, people just don’t wanna let you cross.  I find myself expecting cars to slow down and wave me across the street, but they barrel down the road and never look back!  I expect this sort of behavior in NYC, but in the south?!  It’s a weird cultural nuance that I never really considered before.

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