Road Trip! How to eat healthfully on the move

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but for good reason!  I only just got internet in my new place yesterday!  So here’s a post I’ve been planning since we pulled out of the driveway five days ago.

Long car rides are prime for snacking, simply because it’s 1.) really boring 2.) nearly impossible to eat a real meal on the go.  Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to fall into the gas station snack trap: chips, candy, soda, energy drinks…they’re everywhere and they BEG to be consumed.  While I can’t deny that sometimes these less-than-healthy treats can be pretty tasty, I can say that they won’t fill you up OR do your waistline any favors – especially since you’re not going to burn any extra calories sitting behind the wheel.

Your best bet is to plan ahead and pack for the ride.  Try to choose foods that will fill you up for few calories (read: BRING VEGETABLES), and try to include whole grains, a little protein, some healthy fats (if possible, this one’s a little tougher).  For me, I like to cut up a crown of broccoli, maybe some celery and peppers, and throw them in a ziploc bag with some baby carrots.  To accompany the vegetables and add a little protein and healthy fats, I almost always have a close-to-finished container of hummus that I bring along.  Add to that some wheat thins (my go-to “snacky” whole grain food) and some fruit, and you’ve got enough food to keep you satisfied enough to say no to the gas station snacks!  Add homemade iced tea and you’ve got a fun beverage to stay hydrated with.

Iced tea, grapefruit, broccoli, hummus, wheat thins: ready for the long haul!

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