What makes your workout?

Today as I get ready to leave for my second class at Hour Blast (see yesterday’s post), I am reminded how even the littlest things can make your workout ten times better.  Today, it’s my AWESOME socks.

Awesome socks on a rug I made out of old t-shirts

This pair of socks isn’t just awesome because of its amazing colors and crazy pattern, it’s awesome because it was given to me by my good friend Kari on the day that I ran my first (and only, to this point – thanks a lot stress fractures!) marathon.  I would have died without her there to run the last mile with me (see below – death imminent).  I can’t tell you how many compliments I’d get while wearing these socks, especially if I was teaching pilates with them on.

Kari, sock-gifter and spirit-lifter extraordinaire!

Other articles of clothing can make me feel particularly badass during a workout or run.  I have an awesome orange nike rain jacket for running that is just flashy and cool enough to make me run a tad faster, and for the Mad Marathon Relay last year, I forced my entire team to wear lime green leopard spandex shorts.  Not that they were complaining.

My team in our spandex with our friends who carted us around to the transition points – both teams won their respective division!

Off to work out!

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