How not to exercise, women are scary, and other thoughts

Today, my mind is all over the place –  just one of those days.  It’s full of being amazed at how truly idiotic I can be, marveling at the New Orleans weather, considering different things to add to my diet for optimum nutrition, and just a lot of random things.  Lucky for me, I’ve got a bunch of readers to share these with:


1. Okay, so my legs hurt.  They arebroken, and I should treat them as such.  I haven’t been.  This week, I’m taking 4 classes at Hour Blast, which means I need to modify ALL of the treadmill workouts (which is half the class, which is a lot).  This is is quite the blow to my ego, which is already feeling pretty roughed up from not having run in almost three months, which has left me out of shape and without an outlet for my competitive spirit.  You better know that if I were healthy, I would be the maniac on the treadmill sprinting at 11 MPH just because it’s faster than everyone else is sprinting.  And the next class, I’d go 11.1, just to beat myself.  This competitive inclination is a problem that results in me doing really stupid things.

These are my broken legs, circa June 1.

2. Why would anyone ever exercise hungry?  You’re not a greyhound.  Not that I support dog racing, but you know what I mean.  I accidentally did this today, as soon as I got to the gym I realized how hungry I felt.  Stupid.  This is likely a direct result of #3.

3. I can’t sleep properly anymore.  I wake up around 2AM, and then again around 6AM, when I give up and kick off the covers to make breakfast.  This is early when you have nowhere to be.  It results in a serious mid-morning hunger attack, which today happened to occur right as I was supposed to be exercising (which I did, too hard, because I’m an idiot.  We’ve established this).  I realized last night that as I have been trying to fall asleep for the past couple nights, I always have a half-asleep dream where I slip on something and I jump awake to catch myself.  What is going on??  New Orleans voodoo??  Who did I piss off?!?!

4. Women in groups are scary.  I don’t care how nice they are.  At Hour Blast, there are only 14 people in a class.  Normally there are two main groups of women who are good friends, and everyone knows each other and the instructor and they hang out in real life, not just class.  While all the pre-class chatter is going on, I am the loner on the side, taking it all in.  It would be so easy to introduce myself, and everyone really seems so sweet, but I’m totally chickening out.  I am normally the most outgoing person in pretty much the entire world (that I know of).  What is happening to me??

5. You know how people don’t stop their cars for pedestrians here?  I tried to let someone cross today and she wouldn’t do it!  This woman was standing in the middle of Tchoupitoulas, a busy road with fast cars, and I tried to let her go to the sidewalk.  She waved me on.  I wasn’t even in the process of slowing down, I was completely stopped.  What the hell?  There were other cars RIGHT behind me!  It’s seriously the weirdest feeling when you try to do a little random act of kindness and the recipient is perfectly content to go the hard knocks route.

6. I think I should buy some pickles.  This may seem weird, and I don’t even know if it’s possible, but my sweat seems saltier than normal down here despite the fact that I am drinking water like a camel.  Additionally, I don’t have anything in the house with a lot of salt in it – you saw my food!  The hummus, peanut butter, and wheat thins might be it.  And I don’t eat a ton of any one of those.  I do add salt to my vegetables and stuff, so that’s something, but I think I should get some pickles for a little electrolyte snackin’.

7. I finally get to meet Andrea!  So I’m living with semi-strangers.  Natalie and Andrea will be my roommates for the next year, and they’re both doing the internship with me.  In true Lauren style, I made a facebook group for everyone as soon as I got e-mail addresses.  So, we all know each other as well as a profile picture can let on.  Natalie and her mother were here last weekend to set up her room, and they were both so sweet and really easy to get along with.  I’m sure Andrea will be great too, and I find out tomorrow!  Exciting!

8. AHHHHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!!  Guess who’s coming to dinner (tomorrow)?  JAMES.  Yep, my boyfriend and partner in mountain-climbing, toy store-browsing, movie-watching, bike-riding crime.  I am aware that we sound like a pair of 10 year olds, and I like it that way.  He’ll be staying until the 20th.  I pick him up from the airport tomorrow afternoon.  Will be leaving in approximately 24 hours to give myself time to get lost, since I have that problem a LOT here.  Will be bringing a book for when I end up waiting for an hour.  I discovered that the Audobon Experience package is $19 for students, and includes the aquarium, IMAX, insectarium, and zoo.  Guess where we’re going.

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3 Responses to How not to exercise, women are scary, and other thoughts

  1. GinAndTulips says:

    #5 made me laugh, loved it…thanks 🙂

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