Educational procrastination

There are few (relatively) famous people that I really love.  One of them is Kara Gaucher, for simultaneously being so darn cute while being so darn badass.  Another is Joy Bauer, the dietitian on the Today Show.  Not only is dietetics my field of choice and the Today Show just about the only thing I’ll sit down to watch on TV, Joy is smart, adorable, and easy to relate to, she puts out awesome resources for people.  I actually got to meet Joy twice, once at FNCE Boston (nutrition nerd convention) and once at the Memorial Day Marathon on the day I won the half and became dedicated to running.

Some friends from UMass and I with JOY (may or may not have been one of the most exciting parts of 2010)

MDM ’11

…so awesome.  Well anyway, I think it goes without saying that I liked Joy on facebook forever ago.  She gives really great updates, tips, facts, product reviews, recipes, etc. through facebook.  One of my favorites is her video series, What the Heck Are You Eating with Joy Bauer.  She goes through many popular foods, gives the history, and a nutritional breakdown.  I highly recommend these videos, they’re fun and educational, and you can totally justify taking a break from whatever you’re doing to watch a few.

Check it out!


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4 Responses to Educational procrastination

  1. hp11260 says:

    Lauren, you should check out the blog Kath Eats Real Food if you haven’t before. She’s a registered dietician and has about a thousand recipes for oatmeal. She also takes really nice photos of the food she makes.

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