Help through injury – feel accomplished on 0 miles a week

Forgive me, I have about 10 posts started but I haven’t been able to actually finish ANY.

So remember how I said my legs were hurting last week?  After walking around for 4 hours without pain on Friday, I tried to go for a walk on Saturday and was taken aback when the pain came back full-force in my right leg where I had originally felt it in my left leg (which is not where it had originally been fractured).  The pain isn’t that bad, but what it means is that I’m not getting better, I’m actually getting worse, and that it’s my own fault, and that I really actually need to chill out.

I’m not sure why my legs started hurting again, I had gotten up to (run 10, walk 2) x3 without any issues on the day that I left Massachusetts.  Looks like I’m back to sitting on my butt and doing nothing, since I don’t have a place to swim here…yet.

The prospect of an extended period of no activity is excruciating.  It makes me feel helpless that I can’t do my favorite things, or even walk very far.  It takes away my outlet for stress relief, and I feel like a totally different person.  What happened to the crazy, happy-go-lucky, bouncing off the walls from 6:30AM to midnight while crushing term papers and teaching awesome classes every day Lauren??  I can’t find her.   If you see her let me know.  Perhaps I should make signs and attach them to all the street lights in New Orleans.

One of the things that really gets to me is that I no longer have that sense of accomplishment that I get after a tough run or hard workout.  I like to be able to say, “yeah, I did that!” but until I have legs that work, the “that” in that sentence can’t be physical activity.  I must fill that void with something else.  So what is my solution?


It sounds really dumb, but with 50% of the furniture in this house being kitchen tables (we have 3, and almost no chairs to sit on) it’s a perfect house for puzzling.  Additionally, puzzles are cheap, addicting, and it’s nearly impossible to aggravate your injury while doing them.

Yesterday, after spending a solid hour on the phone going between the orthopedist in MA, the sports doctor in LA, and the hospital where I’ll (hopefully) be getting a bone scan soon; I spent another hour sulking on the couch (we do have one of those, but only one), then looking at puppies on petfinder, then I finally picked myself up and went to Dollar General with James.  Poor kid had to deal with a mini-crisis during this whole thing, but I fed him well and he was happy about the puppy browsing.  We bought:

– 4 puzzles

– glow-in-the-dark glitter temporary tattoos

– chocolate

– the BEST chap stick that you can only get at dollar general and therefore I cannot get at home

If you’ll excuse me, I have a puzzle to assemble and an aquarium to visit.

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