Dippin’ dinner

As you could probably tell from the help through injury post, I’ve been feelin kinda down about my legs lately.  The four classes at Hour Blast the other week really did them in – my shins started hurting with just a simple walk down the street.  It’s one thing to be sidelined from running and whole different thing to be completely down for the count.  So, I decided to do something totally crazy and fun for dinner.

Inspired by a post on Oh She Glows about portable snacks when I read that a favorite snack is crispy breaded tofu strips.  Who doesn’t love crispy breaded things?  And what injured health freak doesn’t love the idea of soy protein which is low fat, lower calorie than animal proteins?  So, I decided to make an entire meal out of foods that can be made into “fries” and dipped in various condiments.  Nice.

After some brainstorming and a survey of Rouses, we ended up with the following lineup:

– Crispy breaded tofu strips

– Baked red potato fries with cajun seasoning

– Baked sweet potato fries seasoned with cinnamon and cayenne

– Crispy baked garlic brussels sprouts

– Crispy breaded zucchini fries

Sauces included:

– Ketchup

– Remoulade sauce

– BBQ sauce

with hot sauce to mix in when necessary

To cook, we cut everything up, seasoned it all, and set the oven to 450.  We threw as much in as we could fit and cooked it until nice and crispy.  The tofu and zucchini were breaded with a mixture of breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, and cajun seasoning, but I might leave out the cheese next time.  Before breading they were dipped in egg white.  Of all, the tofu and zucchini were my favorites.  What did I learn?  Brussels sprouts go really well with remoulade, spicy sweet potato fries go well with BBQ sauce, but everything is fun to dip in everything.  Sometimes going out of your way to be a kid is just what I need to cheer up!

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