Tailoring your breakfast for the nutrients you need

I’ve previously discussed why oatmeal is often my go-to breakfast, which mostly revolves around it being the perfect morning run fuel.  Now that I’m not running, nutrients other than carbohydrate take precedence when I consider my morning meal.  Since I don’t need quick energy, it’s more important to get some protein and fiber in there to keep me satiated.  Nobody likes to get hungry a couple hours after breakfast in the middle of class (or orientation, as it may be) with nothing to eat!  So today, I changed it up a little.

Inspired by Carrots n Cake’s paleo “oatmeal” and Fit Mama Real Food’s custard oats, I decided I should add some extra protein to my morning meal to help me through the first day of orientation until I understood what sorts of snacks would be appropriate.  I followed the recipe I posted for oat bran with grilled bananas  but I poured in some egg whites with the oat bran and stirred it constantly.

The resulting oat bran looked exactly like it would be normally – the egg whites were indistinguishable to the eye.  Before stirring in my regular pumpkin, spices, and extra apple, I could taste the egg flavor a bit, but it wasn’t unpleasant.  The texture was silky-smooth, light and wonderful.  I devoured my bowl, smug with the knowledge that it would keep me full easily to lunch time.


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One Response to Tailoring your breakfast for the nutrients you need

  1. Oatmeal is the best breakfast choice ever….seriously amazing.

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