The life of a dietetic intern

For the past month, my life has been filled with this

Riding the NORTA to the French Quarter – Alysse (center), a native to New Orleans, was not excited about this plan.

And this

Well don’t mind if I do!

With a little bit of this


Accidental gym clothes matching…so embarrassing

And a spoil-me-rotten amount of this:

My two favorite very good looking and cuddly boys

But today, it all changes.

Today was my first day of orientation as a Tulane Dietetic Intern.  With the impending hurricane, the day was cut a bit short, but not before we were handed these:

fat. binder.

Which could only happen after we parked in a lot with a crazy, glorified piggy-bank for parking fees that had instructions on it for how to fold up your dollar bills and push them through the little slots (with your key):

My beautiful roommate Andrea, demonstrating proper bill-pushing form

And before getting this:

So official.

I also learned my rotation schedule, and I am SO EXCITED.  I get to work at a fitness center, with the chef who does Get Fit New Orleans, Second Harvest, WIC, Edible Schoolyard New Orleans, in addition to all the awesome clinical rotations that are always included in DIs.  I chose this specific internship because it is community-oriented, and I am so happy that I will be doing rotations in so many different areas.

Unfortunately, the next two days have been cancelled for Isaac.  I’m currently sitting in the house with my crazy dog, Andrea, Alysse, Ellen (bus picture, far right), and Ellen’s cat Chunk; as well as several bottles of wine, lots of macaroons (50% off huricane sale at Sucre!), a puzzle, Taboo, and our binders.  Of course we have water and all those essential things, but it’s high time I get to this hurricane party! Wish us luck!




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4 Responses to The life of a dietetic intern

  1. Those rotations sound cool! I’m a current dietetic intern, too…so I know all about those fat binders. 🙂 I like community & clinical nutrition, haven’t decided which one is for me yet..but that’s what the rotations are for, right?

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