Updates of all sorts

Okay, so I realize I’ve checked out of the blog world for a while.  Today, my mom told me “Post on your blog I’m getting bored!”, to which I obviously told her I didn’t want to (because a girl has to disagree with her mother), but I guess it was the kick in the ass I needed to get working on this big update.


Yes, I survived!  One of my roommates, Natalie, evacuated to Baton Rouge on Monday after class, but Andrea and I stayed here, and our two friends Ellen and Alysse came over to ride it out with us.  (On a side note, I am always talking about Alysse and now you can get to know here even better with her NEW BLOG!!  She literally made it an hour ago and might kill me for linking you to it, but she’s awesome so keep checking back.)  Monday night wasn’t so bad, we pretty much just hung out – the storm hadn’t reached us yet.  Tuesday it got worse.  I woke up, made banana bread, ran around on the back patio with the pup, and we all worked on some review work for the internship and a puzzle purchased specifically for this occasion, made a frittata to use up eggs and vegetables that would go bad in the event of a prolonged power outage.  It was pretty mellow, we didn’t even have to break out the wine.

But Tuesday night, ohhhh boy.  Some people are saying that Isaac was actually a strong category 2 (cat 2 = winds from 96-110mph) rather than a category 1 like the news people were saying.  But really, who the hell would know?  Our cable went out around 9 and the electricity went out around midnight.  We were in for the long haul.  Wind was whistling, and the “what do you think went flying into the house/the neighbors house/ the street to make that noise?” game was played.  To prepare for the outage, which was pretty much inevitable, we had cranked the AC down all the way to 65; so our layers were slowly peeled off as the temperature crept up, but it didn’t get too bad.  Wednesday was still rainy, but definitely not a hurricane, and Andrea and I drove around to see what was going on.  We discovered that Juan’s Flying Burrito would be open the following day, and that a few blocks of Magazine had power, along with the entire French Quarter.  Hallelujah.  Hand grenades for all residents without electricity!  (That totally didn’t happen)

Thursday was actually awesome.  It was still overcast and breezy, but the rain had stopped so being outside felt great.  I charged my phone at CC’s for a few hours and got coffee, which tasted like heaven, if heaven is a giant blanket that wraps you up and tells you that everything is fine in the world.  I noticed the cafe, Cafe Rani, behind CC’s was open for lunch and Andrea and I went.  Never have I ever been so happy to eat a chicken club sandwich, and not appalled that all the salads on the menu were not being served.  It was REAL FOOD.  It was HOT!  Again, blankets and positive encouragement.  When you’re living in a post-apocalyptic New Orleans, you tend to starve in between meals that you cherish as you would your firstborn.  You try to make it last, but really we probably looked like Louie does at breakfast.  Fury-eating.

The rest of the day included a 4-hour walk with the dog, because it was just more comfortable to be outside and because he was driving everyone nuts inside.  We ate at Juan’s (double margarita on the rocks, please, I just survived a near-death experience!) and joined the only happy people in the city (the drunks) at the Bulldog.  Okay, so it’s a more classy place than that, but they do serve beer and there are times when someone there gets a little rowdy.  Generally, it’s a pretty chill bar, and I can bring Louie.

Party ANIMAL. Clearly enjoying his time at the Bulldog in Midcity

We got home, prepared for bed via candlelight, and tried to sleep.  Sticky pillows are pretty terrible, let me tell you!  I managed to get some quality shuteye though, and woke up to a bright and sunny day.  Normally this would be totally awesome and I’d open all the blinds, let the light in, and go about my morning routine with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, but the heat got out of control and we finally caved: on Friday, we evacuated.

All packed up!

Ellen, Andrea, and I packed up the car and headed to Baton Rouge, to the apartment of Alysse’s boyfriend Roger, which miraculously never lost power.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.  Walking into AC was a dream.  If coffee was heaven, this was super heaven.

The next day was the first LSU game, so we got to tailgate, which was definitely the best day of Louie’s life.  People that loved him and lots of good food (think deer sausage, dove wrapped in bacon with jalapeno, cantaloupe, jambalaya, fried chicken, etc.).

Gang’s all here! (Alysse, Andrea, Me, Ellen, Louie – thanks to Roger for our LSU swag)

Are you gonna feed me or pet me? Wait…I like both of those!!

By the end of the day, the excitement had gotten the most of Louie:

Louie partied a little too hard…#yolo?

The next day, Sunday, we finally got power back and returned to New Orleans.


Coming back with electricity and a cool house was incredible.  The refrigerator, however, still needed to be restocked.  Along with all the other refrigerators.  Have you ever seen Jingle all the Way?  You know how everyone was going crazy running around trying to get that doll?  That’s what the supermarket was like.  I was actually surprised with how well stocked it was, especially in terms of perishable items, but there were certain VERY IMPORTANT items that would prove near impossible to find days afterward.  These were:

– Eggs

– Yogurt

– Salad mix

If you’re not a dietetic intern, a nutrition major, or a health freak (as indicated by the previous two), this might seem like not such a big deal.  But honestly, I was a bit panicked when I saw this.  How am I expected to eat??  Nutrition people are all type A, do-it=all, know-it-all, go-getters, and these are as close to convenience foods as we come.  Which means that for me during my first real week of orientation these are 100% necessary.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a quick dinner and made egg and toast, or a salad with an egg on it, or had yogurt and a salad.  I’m sure that I’ll write a “Foods that I need in order to function as a normal person” post, but for now, suffice it to say that life without eggs, yogurt, and salad mix is quite a struggle.  At least I had my oatmeal.


Before Isaac, I had scheduled an MRI for Friday, the 31st.  There was no electricity.  After incessantly calling the office, I was finally able to reschedule for this morning at 8, results to come on Tuesday at 10:45.  I’ll keep you posted.  Although I had to call the office many times to schedule, I still love them because of how soon I am able to make appointments.  In Western Mass, sports doctors and orthopedists book months out and you have to know somebody to get an MRI in a timely manner.  Here, I’ve been able to book things less than 24 hours in advance.   So awesome.  Plus I still like Dr. Stewart’s gator skin cowboy boots.  So badass.

I did run a little.  5 minutes walking, 5 minutes running; got around Audobon in 18 minutes.  That means that I moved my little booty pretty darn fast during those running spurts, which is reassuring.  So far, I am not feeling horrible repercussions.  Fingers crossed.


My search for a gym was pretty much intended solely to waste time until I could get a student ID for Tulane, and therefore a membership to their gym.  So far I’ve been twice and feel so amazing to get back to lifting and really pushing myself cardiovascularly.  Without a gym, pool, or legs, I’ve been limited to home circuits and dog walks, and I crave that so-sweaty-it’s-repulsive, lungs-burning feeling you can only get from going all out.  Seeing as I can’t do that with weight-bearing activity, and the gym offers me spin bikes and ellipticals, the gym is my favorite thing right now.

Group Fitness

Amazing news: I am going to be teaching at the Reily Center!  I’m not sure exactly which days of the week yet, but twice a week I’ll be teaching a boot camp style class outside at 7:00 AM.  My goal is to kick my own ass while teaching this class.  If you’re in the area, a member of the gym, and want to get your butt moving in the morning, and you’re into diaphoresis, hit me up!  (Been brushing up on my med terms, can you tell??)

I am also teaching at Hour Blast on Sundays.  Such an awesome gym.  =)


Our one week of orientation has honestly been a bit disappointing.  Our speakers have mostly done review work, which I really do need, but I guess I am just eager to get to learning new things.  Due to the hurricane reschedules, we’ve had a lot of downtime.  This means that we have also had more female bonding time than I would normally sign myself up for, but this group of 20 is freakishly compatible.  It’s awesome.  Overall, I’ve actually been having an awesome time.


The only exciting things that have happened in the kitchen are my first attempt at red beans, and spaghetti squash.  Not a whole lot, but details will come.

I’ll try to be more regular, especially now that rotations will be starting!  I hope everyone in NOLA survived the storm.  Past my bedtime, goodnight!!

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