The end of the first week!

The first week of my rotations as a dietetic intern at Tulane University is over, and I can say for certain that I am loving it.  Lambeth House continues to be an awesome place to work, make friends with coworkers and residents alike, cook, and (most importantly) EAT!

On Friday, I decided to snap some photos of our lunch, delicious as ever but not the most fancy of the ones we’ve been treated to:

Wedge salad with bleu cheese, bacon, and onions

Seafood gumbo, choc full o’ shrimp, scallops, and crawfish tails

My not-so-pretty but oh-so-delicious main dish: cajun grilled chicken (available daily, not one of the special meals. I was just feelin’ a good old chicken breast), southern-style okra, and cinnamon roasted yams.

As if that wasn’t enough food, we went right into the kitchen to begin preparing for our big event: the cocktail party!  The official menu was as follows:

– Pork carnitas quesedillas with fresh cilantro guacamole

– Crawfish cornbread

– New England clam chowder

– Brownies

I began work on the brownies, which involved a giant bag of Callebaut semi-sweet chips.  Incredible.  That’s the same chocolate that you can buy in giant chunks near the cheese section of the grocery store, which sometimes resides on a cutting board on the counter at my parents’ house (if we’re feelin’ a little fancy).  So delicious.  We used this recipe and quadrupled it to make enough to go around.  If I were to do it again I would add an extra couple of eggs, because they were a little crumbly around the edges and not as dense as I like my brownies.  Although it is worth noting that one man said they were the best brownies he had ever tasted!

My next job was that clam chowder.  For the soup I turned to trusty Food52, and ended up tweaking it a bit.  I used this recipe multiplied by 5 as a guideline, but ended up adding less onions, more clam juice, and a secret ingredient: white wine.  What can I say?  Wine makes everything better.  It seems that the residents think so too because they raved about the clam chowder.  That might be because they so rarely get to eat clams, but it could also be that I am the world’s greatest chef.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I’ll get the other two recipes and post them here later.

Once we were done cooking, we changed into our cocktail party clothes and mingled.  I had a glass of wine and chatted with the residents about all sorts of things including lobster, college, grandchildren, pupil size (including a discussion of weed), and how they like their cosmos.  They’re a lively bunch, so much fun to hang out with, and we’re hoping to throw another party before the rotation is over.  We’ve already planned waffles and mimosas for Tuesday morning.

This project wasn’t all about fun and games, we also had to do recipe conversions for food service, forecasting, and procurement.  All not-as-interesting but extremely important things that any RD working in foodservice must consider.

Intern Festivities

To end the week right, we were all invited to Aly’s house (she’s the culinary student who made the awesome vegan thing for the potluck) for a sushi-making party!  I snapped one horrible photo with my horrible camera phone, but it doesn’t quite do the spread justice.  She had set up nori, brown sushi rice, sliced mango and cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, spicy radish sprouts, gluten-free “crunch”, crunchy baked sweet potato, shrimp, quick pickled ginger, sesame-seared salmon, avocado, basil, cilantro, etc; and taught us how to roll our own sushi!  An awesome party thrown by an awesome girl.  I am so looking forward to my rotation at Edible School Yard with her.

Blurry pictures and words cannot describe. So so delicious and so much fun!

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