Happy dogiversary!

That’s right folks, today makes one whole month with Louie!  You may remember how I agonized over the decision to get a dog, but I can honestly say it was the best thing I could have done.  Seriously, who gets a dog and ends up unhappy about it?  Louie makes me laugh every day, and a life without laughter is a life I don’t want to have.  Even on those glum and boring and kind of sad days, he’ll get me to crack a smile by doing something stupid or goofy or adorable.  Or all three at the same time.

It’s only been one month, but in that time, he has:

– Gotten to hang out with James

This one goes out to all the ladies. Shirtless men and puppies, what more can a girl ask for?

– Had to wear a cone

Says James: “nothing good comes from licking your own balls.” Next time we will leave our incisions alone.

– Been to the Bulldog several times

– Visited Alysse’s house

– Gotten into a fight at the dog park

– Chased many squirrels

– Brushed up on the nutrition care process

Photo courtesy of Alysse

– Lived through a hurricane and evacuated to BR

– Partied it up at an LSU tailgate

too hard!

– Gotten dewormed

– Eaten spinach, apples, strawberries, green pepper, tomato, zucchini, venison, mushroom, carrot, watermelon, cantaloupe…


To celebrate, we went on a 1 week dogiversary walk AS SOON as I got home from Lambeth House.  I decided to test out my new Garmin Forerunner 210 to make sure all was well with it before I took it out for a run later in the evening.  We had a glorious 4.1 mile walk (avg pace: 13:15.  Thanks, Garmin.  Not that that means anything at all for a dogiversary walk) that included bouts of jogging, lizard catching, stopping to be pet by small children, and (as always seems to happen) a typical Louie flop on the ground right when we were almost home to signal that he was beat:

I will go no further!

Really, he was just playing.  After I dragged him half a foot on the bricks he got up and bounded home.  Tell me that doesn’t look like one satisfied pup:

Another walk conquered, many to go.

Here’s to many more wonderful months!

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