One rotation down!

I’m sad to say it, but my time at the Lambeth House is over.

Because we had class on Friday, Thursday was the last day that Erin, Rebecca, and I went to the coolest retirement community ever.  I never expected to have so much fun!  In the internship, there are three general areas that must be covered: clinical, community, and food service.  I have always thought that food service wasn’t my thing, but I honestly really enjoyed myself.  There was always something going on: a party to cater, a care plan meeting to attend, a resident with special requests, a menu to write, and budgets to prepare…no wonder Stefanie, our preceptor, never sat down!

My favorite part of the entire thing was, of course, the cocktail party last Friday, but mimosas and waffles that we made to order on Tuesday morning was also a highlight.  Any time we were able to interact with the residents was a special treat – they enjoyed us so much, it feels awesome to be able to brighten someone’s day just by smiling and having a short conversation.

I expect my other food service rotations (in a school district and at the hospital) will be more stressful due to budget constraints.  At the Lambeth House, there was never a shortage of incredible ingredients to make delicious meals with.  These people pay a pretty penny to live in such a nice place, and Stefanie and John (the chef) make sure that they eat well.  Hospitals and school districts, on the other hand, have extremely tight budgets.  I will be interested to see how that plays out in the nutritional quality of the meals served.

Erin, Rebecca, Stefanie, John, and me

Next week is Edible School Yard New Orleans, which is an organization that has planted edible gardens in several schools around the city and teaches kids about how to eat healthfully, grow food, compost, and cook, and instills respect for real foods and their importance to the environment and for our health.  Updates to come!

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