A delicious fall one-pot meal

Today was long and disjointed.  It feels like I got nothing done, even though I got a lot done, but there was a lot of waiting around, then driving, then working in solitude, then driving, then observing, so it felt very impersonal which is not a very Lauren way to feel.

Luckily, before I headed out this morning, I started a big pot of something that could make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside: Barley Risotto.

Over the weekend, I got what I needed for this dish: barley, mushrooms, spinach; but I forgot the broth.  Idiot!  So with my free time this morning (I didn’t have to go in until 11 AM), I took the dog for a nice long walk and picked up some vegetable broth along with a few other things from Breaux Mart.  I started the risotto in the morning and finished it when I got home.  Now I’m having trouble not eating the entire pot before my Thursday speed workout…oops

s-l-o-w-l-y adding the broth

Tear in spinach

stir in roasted squash chunks

And finally…CHEESE!

This recipe is whole grain, low fat, and chock full of healthy veggies.  You could add anything that reminds you of fall, but the mushrooms really make it – don’t take those out!

I will be adding apple chicken sausage to my serving for dinner, but I wanted to make something vegetarian, since I live with one of those crazy plant eaters and I would like to feed her sometimes.  It is seriously delicious though and I am going to need to freeze most of it ASAP just so I don’t devour it immediately.

Gotta run and figure out how to change my interval settings on the Garmin!  Today is 8 x 200.  Update to come.

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