How to run in the rain

Or under any conditions such that you will end up so sweaty that you may as well have run in the rain

Today, I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up at 6:20, knowing full well that the forecast for this weekend is rain, rain, and more rain; because that’s what got NOLA on Tap rescheduled (huuuuge disappointment).  So, being one of 15 people awake in the entire city, I decided to head out for a run under the ominously overcast sky.

There are a few things that you must remember when you do such a thing:

1. Spandex.  Last year, while I was still learning how to run long distances, I headed out for what was supposed to be a 9-miler.  Well, one missed turn later and that 9-miler turned into a 15-miler, and somewhere around 10 the downpour began.  However, I had on some black Reebok spandex shorts and a Nike Pro tank top, and I was totally fine.  Whenever it threatens to rain, I’ve gotta put away the boys’ XL A-line tees and pull out the close-fitting wicking fabric, or else I end up as either a.) a drowned rat b.) very, very chafed.  Mostly in the shorts department.  The moisture softens your skin and turns your normally totally fine running shorts into weapons of mass destruction.  And their target is your upper inner thigh.  Yuck.  So while you’re at it, you should also think about…

It was actually this EXACT outfit

2. Body glide.  Not just for long runs, this will protect you from chafe in the rain also.  There is a cream kind and a deodorant-stick type which is way better.  The cream is both messy and doesn’t work, so make sure you get the other.


3. The braided bun.  It took several months of knots upon knots in my ponytail that were nearly impossible to get out before I realized that there is an easier solution: the braided bun.  Sure, it may make me feel like a ballerina, but that’s not so bad.  If it made me a tad more graceful that would be a wonderful thing!  Follow these easy steps: 1.) Put hair in ponytail.  2.) Braid ponytail and fasten with another hair tie.  3.) Wrap braid around into a bun, fasten with another hair tie.  Look at you.  You go ballerina!  Run like the wind!

Not sure why this picture exists (Mom?) buuttt it’s evidence of the bun!

4. Stock up on newspaper.  Yeah, newspaper.  It will dry out your shoes post-run.  I’ve even heard that the carbon in the newsprint helps to absorb odors, which is great for some of us whose feet sweat a lot and leave our shoes a little funky.  TMI?  Sorry.  Also, when you ball up the paper and shove it in there, it helps your shoes keep their shape during drying.  Replace paper as needed until the shoes are nice and dry.

5. Accept it.  You will be wet.  Rain is a fact of life, and as runners we sometimes have to deal with it.  Don’t head outside all pissed off about the weather, be excited about it.  You are badass.  You are running in the rain!  You are way more hardcore than all those fair weather runners who looked outside and decided to wait until tomorrow.  You’re bettering yourself!  Would you rather be inside on a treadmill with the person next to you breathing too loud in your ear and the bright lights of the gym blinding you or would you rather be outside, one with nature, getting in the run you wanted on your terms?  That’s what I thought.

As you can see, with the proper planning, a run in the rain can be really awesome.  Now get out there and DO IT!

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1 Response to How to run in the rain

  1. Runner Girl Eats says:

    I love running in the rain! It is so refreshing. Also, running with a bun was the best idea I ever had. detangling sweaty hair is the worst.

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