Running recap, week 3: 9/24/12 – 9/30/12

This week definitely had some highlights, but in terms of mileage it left a little to be desired.  Let’s review.

Monday I parked my car near campus in the afternoon and headed out for a run, to be followed by some lifting at Reily.  I didn’t have a set number of miles in my mind, but I definitely wanted to go for more than 3.  I ran on St. Charles (streetcar line for a soft surface) to the corner at South Carrollton, then turned around and came back.  This run was slow and not exciting.  Here are the numbers:

Tuesday I was really determined to get in some miles on Tuesday, but I’m not really sure why.  My legs were hurting and it was the afternoon, I guess I just lacked motivation.  I was about to turn around when I looked down at my watch and saw that my pace was way faster than I had expected.  That was just what I needed to keep going, and I ended up running pretty much the same distance as the day before, but an average of 17 seconds faster per mile.  That’s more like it!

Wednesday was my day to teach at Clark.  That was my workout for the day.

Thursday is speed with Erin and Alysse.  It was rainy when we left, and my legs were aching a little before we started, but when you commit to something with other people, you don’t skip out.  I got my workout plan from my “coach” Danny, and it was 8 x 200 with 200 rest.  So basically, sprint half the track and recover on the second half.  I took my sweeet time on that recovery 200, next time I will try to pick that up a bit; but my sprints were pretty darn good!  By the end though, I was limping with soreness in my left calf.  It made me nervous…

Plan for this week’s speed workout: same thing but speed up the rest!

Friday That soreness was sticking around, and I took my first real full rest day in a while.  It was a loooong day, and it felt like a trip to Yogurtland was more important than running on achy legs.

Saturday miraculously came without the leg pain!  I guess my new routine of cool down with ice cubes before strapping on the frozen peas really works.  The only thing is that Louie comes and tries to lick the ice cubes whenever I’m rubbing down my calves with them.  Cute, but a pain in the butt!  Turns out I had a GLORIOUS run, the weather was overcast and humid but relatively comfortable, and I had my longest run yet!  To top it off, my splits were darn good compared to some of my other recent runs:

Sunday was rainy and disgusting.  Therefore, I was not getting out there to pound pavement yesterday.  Instead of the usual cross training session, I decided to mix it up and do something extra fun, so I waited till evening to catch a couple great group fitness classes at Reily.  I needed to figure out sign-in procedure anyway, so I had to chat with some of the other instructors.  I’m so glad I did!  First I took Total Body Conditioning with Taylor at 6:00, then Zumba with Oakley at 7.  TBC was definitely a challenge, and I really liked that I could push myself extra hard by increasing weight or going faster on the cardio portions and still be doing the same workout as everyone else.  The idea behind TBC is that there are sets of arms, legs, core, and cardio all interspersed so you hit all the important areas in one 55-minute class.  I loved it!  After class I got to talk with Taylor about all the ins and outs of teaching at Reily, and it turns out she’s absolutely awesome and I see us becoming good friends over the next year.  Success!  I ended the evening with Zumba, which I haven’t been to since Emily‘s last class.

A last class would not be complete without all of your friends dressed in embarrassing costumes!

Once you get over the fact that (if you’re like me) you will never be able to move your hips in certain ways, and you are going to look kind of ridiculous at least 30% of the time on a good day, Zumba is the BEST.  THING.  EVER!  Even though it’s fun, it still gets your blood pumping.  It was the perfect end to the evening and reminded me that fitness should be fun.  If you’re getting bored of your workouts, it’s time to switch it up.
(warm up and cool down laps included)

Goal for this week:  GET THOSE MILES UP THERE!  Shootin for 25-30 this time around



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2 Responses to Running recap, week 3: 9/24/12 – 9/30/12

  1. alyluning says:

    Sounds like a successful week, great job and very inspiring! Those classes sound mad fun, too

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