One AMAZING (though painfully early) morning

As you all know, this week’s rotation is at Elmwood Fitness with Molly Kimball for media and communications.

As some of you know, I haven’t actually gotten to hang out with Molly that much.  This week has been really rough for her due to some family issues that have her out of the office (and I use “office” loosely – she has one but her work takes her all over, so awesome).  As a result, I’ve gotten a pretty comprehensive understanding of the inner workings at Elmwood Fitness.

On Monday, I met with Ben Elder, who runs their metabolic testing lab and who is a genius when it comes to training endurance athletes.  In addition to picking his brain (more on that later), he told me all about how he, the dietitians, and the personal trainers function basically as three sides of a triangle, all referring clients to one another.  When a client hits a plateau in weight loss or gain, they can be sent to Ben to determine their resting metabolic rate.  When Ben has determined one of his triathlete client’s energy needs, he can send them to Molly to figure out proper foods and nutrient timing.  Both of these people can send their clients to the trainer to aid in weight loss or gain and strength gain, and the trainers can refer to either to help clients reach their goals.  I gained a serious appreciation for positioning yourself to work with others whose skills and services compliment your own (devising a future plan to team up with Sean Dube because god knows the man will not sleep until he has both won a body building competition and earned himself a PhD and a bright and shiny lab of his own), and also to really consider how the area of nutrition that I choose to go into will affect my lifestyle.  At Elmwood, everyone works hard but can go home when they’ve completed their tasks.  Sometimes that is at 2:00, sometimes it’s at 9:30.  It all depends.  I like it.

Tuesday was spent mainly with Alexis, a newer dietitian on the team, getting introduced to all the different roles that she plays at Elmwood and all the projects that are currently going on.  Let me just say, this is my dream job – there is always something new and different to work on, yet she still gets time to do the one-on-one consultation that is at the core of the profession.  Working individually with people is something that I really love; you get to know so many interesting characters and help people realize how truly amazing they can feel if they just eat healthier foods.  The combination of all of these components is something I’ll strive to find in my own professional life.

Wednesday morning is WGNO morning, and the main focus of this post.  Every Wednesday, Molly does two short segments on any nutrition topic she chooses.  One is Get the Skinny, an informational segment that can be pretty much anything, and the other is Love it, Like it, Hate it, a segment where she goes through a category of products and discusses which she likes for what reasons.  This week was all about dairy: lactose intolerance and Love it, Like it, Hate it for Greek yogurt.

To prepare, I purchased the props at Rouses the night before and found someone to cover my 7AM bootcamp class.  Morning-of, I woke myself up at 4:45, made myself presentable, and rocked out to Taylor Swift all the way to the station.  We began around 6:00, setting up the items on a high table and watching while the news and weather were broadcast.  I wish I could have taken pictures of the studio for you, the entire thing except for the news desk was painted by Simon and so cool.  The atmosphere in the studio was laid-back, everyone there (6 people including Molly and I) was good friends with one another and joked around the whole time.  I got the sense that they really enjoyed their jobs, and that the studio was their second home.

The one picture online I could find that shows the studio (kind of)

Jon, the newscaster, had received the document that Molly had prepared discussing the main points of her segments that she wanted to make sure were communicated to the audience, and he asked her some questions that he had before they jumped in.  Other than that, there was no rehearsing.  When it was time to film, they got right into it.  Jon knew where to steer the conversation, and Molly knew exactly what to say to get her points across in a concise, viewer-friendly manner.  It was clear that they had been doing this for a few years.  You can see the segments online.

After seeing how the filming went, it was easy to tell how I needed to plan my WGNO segment.  I won’t be on TV, but I wrote the content for next week’s segments.  Tune in on Wednesday morning to see what it’s about!

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