Running Recap, week of 10/1

I know that weeks technically start on Sunday.  I don’t care.  Mine start on Monday, thank you very much!

Monday First boot camp class outside at 7:00 AM!  Drove there in the dark with the windows down listening to some Bob Dylan.  Just that kind of day.  I used the same workout as last Wednesday, which you can see here along with an adorable puppy picture.  That evening, I did a workout with strides (according to my new plan for world domination training regimen).  I decided I was going to get creative and run on the levee, which actually sucked.  My legs were a bit sore and the levee is paved, so I went down into the grass to do the strides: 8 strides at 0:30 each focusing on form and really picking up the pace.  The grass was tilted, my legs hurt, and I cut my cool-down in half.

Tuesday I wrote about my Tuesday tempo run earlier: “I did a 40-minute tempo the other day, and came up with this plan for myself: 10 minutes slow (~7:55), pick it up to around the pace I ran my last marathon (7:30 – 7:40), then for the third 10-minute chunk pick it up to what I hope to run Boston at (7:20) since I have a long way to go before I am back where I used to be and this pace will be a challenge for me right now, the cool it down for the last 10 minutes.”  Here’s the stats:

Wednesday rest day in terms of running, but I taught pilates at Clark  for Wellness Wednesdays and got in some quality time with the elliptical and did some leg strength stuff at the gym.

Thursday I covered a yoga class (taught pilates) at 7am, then headed to the weight room for a quick arm workout (just around 30 minutes – so wimpy!).  I meant to run Thursday evening but a project forced me to delay the workout.

Friday I picked up the slack from Thursday, and ran an interval workout.  Warm up, 4 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy.  Repeat.  Cool down.  TOTALLY kicked my ass!  I had intended to go 7:00 pace for the hard parts, and 7:45 for the easy parts.  Totally did not happen.  Although Ben had said I probably wouldn’t be able to go at the pace I decided was 1/2 marathon goal pace for these at this time, I tried anyway.  Eventually I gave in and decided to shoot for 7:20.

Saturday was kind of a fluke, because I knew I wanted to run an hour on Sunday and 3:15 total, which left me with 15 minutes.  So I took the dog for a walk and slow-jogged a 15 minute portion somewhere in the middle.  It was an excellent reminder of why I don’t run with Louie very often, but man I love him.  Such a goofball.  And the run helped him chill out a little bit for the rest of the day (he got another hour-long walk in the evening).

Sunday was the first long run I ever did correctly!!!  I went out slow, felt it out, and on the last 20 minutes ran negative splits.  Right now, I need to just make sure I can go for the time, keep my legs intact, and after I’ve done some endurance (in this case, the first 40 minutes of the run) I can pick it up to test my speed.  Let me tell you, I have having a rough go at it when it comes to maintaining speed over time, but that’s why it’s called recovery.  Building those abilities as we speak.

Notable things about this week

– Although I did have some pretty serious leg pain on Monday, I never had to skip a workout because I was hurting.  In fact, as the week progressed, my legs felt better and better.  I’ve been diligent about icing and stretching, and it’s really showing.

– I am finally getting that “that run kicked my ass” feeling.  The exhausted sensation in your lungs that sticks around throughout the day and reminds you you’re getting better!  You pushed yourself today!  And that, folks, is what it’s all about!


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