How to cook fish that doesn’t suck without adding fat

So there are times in all of our lives when we stop and think “Damn.  I need to get it together.”  For me, this happened recently, after a few weeks of being back in the running game while retaining my injury weight.  The first couple weeks after moving here, I was SO excited to get back to my normal eating habits, and was feeling awesome.  My healthy habits, however, have been challenged by an abnormal schedule that changes every day, long periods of time when I am unable to eat, and a desire to taste what this city has to offer.  Consequently, the weight wasn’t coming off like it should have.

To fix this, I challenged my mother to follow this 3-day eating plan with me, which I did perfectly for the first two days except for some complimentary wine at Art for Arts’ Sake (totally worth it); then took a little less seriously on the third day.  I wanted an apple, what can I say?  Overall, I dropped 4.5 pounds from the day before I started to the day after I started, but more importantly, it reset the healthy and mindful eating switch in my head.   You see, I’m the kind of person who loves her vegetables but also has a thing goin on the  side with the chocolate chips.  If I get complacent, the chocolate chips can really begin to add up.  When I’m running 40+ mile weeks, it’s not a big deal.  But 10 miles?  That’s a big difference.  Like, a 3000-calorie-a-week difference, aka ALMOST a pound a week of extra calories that aren’t getting burned like they used to.  Rough.

For the three days, food was still hugely important in my life.  I crafted those meals with care!  Cooking is a hobby of mine, and you can bet that although I was eating white fish and extra-lean hamburger, it was still going to be delicious.  And that it was.  My two main tips are: 1.) Use fresh garlic and broil!  When the garlic cooks it gets extra delicious.  2.) Serve with an awesome veggie side – pack as much flavor in as possible

Not that beautiful, yet surprisingly delicious

Tilapia with lemon, pepper, and garlic

– 1 tilapia fillet

– 2 cloves of garlic

– freshly ground black pepper

– lemon

If your fish is frozen like mine, take it out the night before to thaw.  Rinse, pat dry, and place on a baking sheet.  Grind some pepper over, squeeze some lemon juice, and chop up your garlic nice and fine, sprinkle over the fish.  Broil (rack should be positioned at the top of your oven) until cooked through, around 6 minutes for my super-thin piece.
Quick and tasty spinach with mushrooms

-1 t olive oil

– 2 cups spinach

– 1 /4 inch slice from medium onion

– 1 clove garlic

– 2 mushrooms, chopped

– pepper to taste

– splash of water or broth of choice

Saute onion, garlic, and mushrooms until the onions are translucent and the mushrooms are a deep brown.  Add spinach and liquid, salt (if you’re salting) before spinach wilts.  Cook until adequately wilted.  Your call on this one.

I squeezed extra lemon over the fish, and I was actually surprised about how much I enjoyed the meal.  The best part: frozen tilapia and spinach are dirt cheap.  This heart-healthy, starchless dinner can be yours for not much at all in terms of time and $ invested, and you will be perfectly satisfied!

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