Running recap, week of 10/8

I hate to say it, but I failed in achieving my goal of running unhampered by pain.  Not that it’s a goal I could control, and I don’t recommend that anyone make goals like that, but here’s a recap of the past week, workout-wise

Monday Rest day on the running front.  I had done my nice long run on Sunday, so Monday was no running.  I taught bootcamp at 7AM, and it was a great class!  I’ll post it here soon.

Tuesday was a 30 minute run with strides.  30 seconds on, 30 seconds resting.  I did it in the morning and it was prettty tough, let me tell you!  This is very apparent when you see how I got progressively MUCH slower throughout the run:

Wednesday Bootcamp in the AM, pilates in the PM, and followed it up with a run.  The run was supposed to be a 40 minute tempo.  With an aching leg all day, I decided to make it a leisurely 40 minutes.  My dead watch, trouble connecting to the satellites, the pitch blackness of the night, the fact that I forgot to press start and the first 6 streetcars I passed were coming AT me should have told me to listen to the throbbing in my leg and turn around.  But it didn’t.  I ended up with this miserable run, the run that shouldn’t have been:

Thursday nothing at all.  The first TRUE day of rest in a very, very long time!

Friday again, I rested.  The leg hurt a lot and I was scared about it.  I did end up walking around the quarter for three hours with a backpack that weighed a million pounds, so I guess that’s worth something.

Saturday took class at Hour Blast before teaching there.  I ran a total of 24 minutes at varying speeds and inclines, at one point getting up to 12 mph which equates to a 5-minute mile.

Sunday I knew I needed to cross train, but just couldn’t bring myself to go to the gym.  Instead, I dusted off the shitty old cruiser that we have here and biked for two hours on the levee.  It’s not home, there are no mountains and it’s far less scenic, but once I was out there on the bike path I felt much better.  The only problem is the whole no hand brakes thing mixed with city traffic…scary!

So how am I feeling about it all?  Well, I’m totally bummed.  I really haven’t run in a long time and I felt like I was making so much progress!  To dash it all with one stupid run really hurts (literally and figuratively).  I’m hoping that a woman I’ve been referred to will be able to help me out with my leg issues, more to come on that soon.  For now, I’m going back into a period of relative rest (cross training, lifting, and teaching) and hoping for the best.  I can really tell the difference in my disposition from when I was running and now, and it ain’t pretty!  Thank god my friends haven’t deserted me yet.

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