Oktoberfest x 2

This past weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying not one, but two Oktoberfest celebrations!

The first was on Friday, and it was a lunch time event at Lambeth House, which Erin, Rebecca, and I were invited back to.  Our favorite dietary manager in the whole wide world, Stefanie, grew up in Austria, so we were expecting big things from this lunch.  Add to Stef’s authenticity and attention to detail the stellar culinary skills of Chef John Joffe (both of them are in the picture from the Lambeth House rotation recap) and you’ve got a fabulous lunch!  Here it is in pictures:

Erin in one of Ms. Stefanie’s old dresses – note the pigtails. Incredible!

Our entertainment

Pullin’ out all the stops with a taste of everything! The venison stew was my favorite – my first deer!  Needless to say, I did NOT finish all of this food.  I tried though!

We had to..

It looks like our next visit to Lambeth won’t be until Thanksgiving, when Stefanie invited us for the lunch buffet.  Every time we get the chance to go help out around the kitchen there I find myself truly happy: easy joking with the kitchen staff, and pleasant conversation with the residents makes for a fulfilling day.  Chef is always so grateful to have extra hands and the residents appreciate our company more than any other group of people I’ve spent time with.  It just feels good.

Oktoberfest #2 was the annual celebration put on by the Deutsches Haus.  I went with Andrea and Alysse, and we met up with some of the other interns for two things: 1.) Beer 2.) Food.  The fest did not disappoint.  There was plenty of both of these things, along with a hilarious band and a lot of happy people.  What more could you ask for?

The program had a beer list, from which I chose the Spaten Franziskaner Heffe-Weisse.  It’s an unfiltered Belgian-style wheat beer, which is my FAVORITE.  Think Allagash, Hoegaarden, etc.  I loved it!  Alysse and I shared Flammkuchen, a pizza-type deal with onions, ham, and some cheese-saucy goodness, and a bratwurst.  Both were awesome!  I am not sure which I liked more, but I’m leaning towards the flammkuchen because of my recent uber-appreciation for all things cheesy.  Which includes the band, a self-proclaimed “Progressive oompah” genre group that rocked my socks off with their oktoberfest-themed versions of MJ’s “Beat It” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”.

Me, Alysse, and some good eats

Obligatory close up shot of the food.  Yummmmm.  L – Alysse’s Bitburger Pils, R – my Heffe-weiss

Brought my own veggies!


Could not decide whether to take them seriously. Should the frequency with which the chicken dance was played be an indicator? Perhaps.

Totally normal.

Although I had more beer (3 total) and sausage (1.17) last weekend than in any other weekend that I can remember, it was so much fun!  Good times with good people can be worth it, especially if you are mindful throughout the day and sneak your vegetables in to reduce unnecessary food purchases.  Happy Oktober!



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