One run: Week of 10/15

So, following the stupid run two Wednesdays ago that I should never have gone on, I rested my leg.  I rested it for a WEEK AND A HALF.  Even on Friday, I tried to jog a little bit during my walk with Louie and it hurt enough to send me into a “I will never be better!  How am I going to return to my happy self?  Where has that Lauren gone?!” depression and I went to bed early sulking about my running future.

The next morning, I got up and ran.  It didn’t hurt.  What is going on?!  I ran a whole 9+ miles!  It wasn’t fast, but it wasn’t terrible.  It felt amazing just to be out there and to tire myself out.

The only running I had done since Wednesday was two days with a total of 24 minutes over the course of each of two Hour Blast classes (on Sat and Mon).  I also had a killer workout at Bootcamp on Wednesday the 17th.  I know I keep saying I’ll post them, and maybe I will finally get the chance.

When I tried to run on Sunday, I made it a mile down the beach (I went on a disgusting but refreshing adventure to Gulfport, MS with Erin Q, who also longs for nature) before having to limp back along the sand.  Erin thinks I need to get a second opinion, and she’s probably right.  Anybody have any thoughts/insights?  I could really use some help!

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