Roses and thorns

Back in high school when I played lacrosse, we had a daily ritual called roses and thorns that we started our practices with.  As we stretched, we would sit on the center circle and all go around and say two bad things (thorns)  about our day, and one good thing (roses).  This way, we could get all that super important daily gossip out in the open and focus on lacrosse during practice.  It kind of worked.

I decided that to catch up on everything that’s been going on, I’ll use this same format.

Thorn I drove into the fence yesterday and dented my bumper completely in.  Rose this was coming back from Wal Mart, where I found *awesome* gift for the care package that is getting shipped off to Key Largo, where James has started working.

Rose I started a new rotation this week with Chef Dione of the Fit Gourmet, a gourmet delivery food service that works with the RDs at Elmwood to help people lose weight while eating well.  Thorn since this isn’t the nutrition side of the business, there is no need for me.  Thorn consequently, I have been doing a lot of delivering, spending all my money on gas, and telemarketing.  Thorn today while delivering I realized that someone stole all my car magnets: the 26.2 one, the Hour Blast one, and the UMass class of 2012 one that we got with our caps and gowns, which cannot be replaced.  Who the hell does something like that?  Were they really that offensive to you?  Thorn this act of sheer monstrosity precipitated a full out “I hate New Orleans I miss the mountains what was I thinking coming here” breakdown.  Rose since I was already in my car I decided this was the perfect time to locate Louisiana’s only Dunkin Donuts Rose I got a nonfat pumpkin latte with just 1/2 a pump of syrup and it was not disgustingly sweet like they normally get Rose I also stopped at Whole Foods and got four apples, three grapefruit, and a pound of roasted unsalted peanuts.  Don’t ask an emotionally compromised girl questions about her grocery store purchases.  Thorn Louie ate all my peanuts.

Thorn nobody came to boot camp yesterday.  Probably because it was dark out.  Rose I was able to take that hour to do some lifting before work.

Rose I discovered that the Reily center does, in fact, have individual shower stalls and not just the communal ones.  Thorn my class ends at the same time as swim practice, and those girls love to walk around naked, boobs floppin all over the place.  It’s just too early for me, ladies, but I love your confidence.

Thorn our garbage disposal stopped working on Monday morning, resulting in a backup of water and grossness in the sink.  Rose there is another half of the sink.  Thorn Natalie ripped the entire faucet off today, meaning we have no sink.  Rose the maintenance man fixed the faucet.  Thorn he didn’t do anything about the garbage disposal.  Thorn Natalie made fish and we can’t wash the stink out.

Rose got an iphone.  Thorn was supposed to get an iphone last year, then on Sunday, then yesterday, but I missed delivery.  Thorn had to drive to god knows where at 4:00 (aka traffic-o-clock) to pick it up with a very flustered UPS worker.  Rose the guys at the Sprint store were really nerdy and appreciated my humor.  Rose now I have an iphone, face time me.  Thorn the case I got is not for my version.

Rose went to the American Academy of Pediatrics conference last night for a screening of Weight of the Nation, a documentary about the obesity epidemic.  Every time I see it it makes me want to cry and go into nutrition policy and be some prominent figure that changes the lives of everyone, it’s the best movie ever.  Rose they gave me the WHOLE FOUR HOUR SERIES on DVD.  FOR FREE!  Rose on the same note, I get to go to a conference on childhood obesity tomorrow at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge.
And a random rose to end it all: my friend Erika asked if I want her compression socks today, because she has compartment syndrome and finds they make it worse.  That is $30-$60 in my pocket thank you very much!  AANNDDD rose my boss at Hour Blast is going to get everyone Lululemon tanks – my first garment from the creme de la creme of fitness wear juggernauts!  I am far to poor to spend $60 on running shorts, and I always feel self-conscious because the women at this gym are decked out head to toe constantly, so this is just what I needed.  Thanks Karen!

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