Things that have been missing from my life

So as my recent posts have discussed, I haven’t been the happiest lately.  Whether it’s a bad rotation, stolen car magnets, or something else, it seemed like I just kept getting knocked down.  I’ve been thinking about it and realized some things that have been missing from my life, that I need to focus on restoring.

Long, easy drives On Saturday I was supposed to drive to Baton Rouge with Andrea, but a 5:30AM text “Wake me up in the morning I love youuu!” let me know I’d be on my own for this one.  The drive was awesome.  I forgot what it was like to drive unencumbered by the traffic of a city, with nothing to worry about but what song comes up next on shuffle.  Never living in a city again.  Until then, trips to the country are a must for preservation of sanity.  Note to self: google interesting/weird day or weekend trips in LA and the surrounding states.

Men Not just James, but all males in general have been missing from my life lately.  Boys have a brutally honest, tell-it-like-it-is mentality that I do really well with and that most girls can’t handle.  At the tailgate, when Roger called me over: “Lauren, come here, we need your opinion!  You’re one of the guys now.” I felt right at home and realized how much I miss hangin out with the guys.  In high school, I was the one girl (among 5 or more boys) who would head over to my friend Rob’s house to study for physics and advanced biology study sessions before tests, skiing is a male-heavy sport, and I spent two years of college at a grungy party house full of 5 dirty boys where you couldn’t walk around without shoes on.  Man, I miss em.

Meals Somebody needs to show me the stats on the percentage of the time that single people sit down and eat a full meal for dinner.  I know that for me, it’s often something quick eaten standing up while washing dishes or something.  When James was here, it made me realize how important it is to make a full meal: vegetable, protein, and grain; and to enjoy it sitting down with someone else.  It’s just so much more satisfying, you’re more aware of what you eat, and you eat more slowly while enjoying the company, which prevents overeating.  Even if nobody is home to eat with me, I want to make it a point to at least sit.

Twentysomethings I typically go to work at 6:30, teach, change, and go to a rotation with up to two other girls from the internship, come home, walk the dog, eat dinner, and pass out.  If I’m not teaching in the morning, I might sleep in (7AM!) and go to the gym in the evening.  By the end of the week, I’m beat.  I don’t want to stay out all night!  So, I rarely get to meet new people; and at a different rotation every week, I rarely get to know anyone at the different organizations on a meaningful level.  Having the opportunity to hang out all day at the tailgate surrounded by young people was refreshing.  I miss my friends!  I really need to put an effort into getting out there among people and interacting, even if I feel like I need to just pass out.

Challenge A few years ago, I was introduced to the idea of aptitudes.  Aptitudes are little things we’re good at, whether it’s discerning the difference between shades of the same color, finger dexterity, or being a leader.  When we don’t use these aptitudes, we are unhappy, restless.  I really love researching a topic, learning a lot about it, then teaching that information to others.  I also like using the knowledge I already have to help other people.  In my recent rotations, I hadn’t been able to do any of this.  I was a set of hands, or a lump in the corner doing nothing but watching slow hands type.  My mind was rotting, and I was getting frustrated.  When I’m in a bad mood, I tend to ignore the blog; but I think it would be best if from here on out I chose a new topic to write about during these less-than-stimulating times and wrote something really great for all of you!

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