Exciting birthday presents!

Since I’ve lived here in Louisiana, I have noticed that the radio stations are pretty terrible.  As a result, I listen to a lot of NPR.  Recently, I heard them talking about Cook’s Illustrated’s The Science of Good Cooking and knew I had to have this book.  Lucky me, I not only got this book, but I got another anthology of Cook’s recipes that is nothing short of incredible.

While at my rotation on Tuesday, I gave James the responsibility of choosing dinner from the new books; and when I got back home (after a 3-hour nap – since when do I nap?!?!  Something must be wrong with me.)  we hit Rouses and began the process of making steak tacos and pineapple margaritas.  Who needs Taco Tuesday at the Rum House when you’ve got an awesome boyfriend who gets excited at the prospect of cooking with you?  We set Pandora to “Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana” and got to work.

The tacos started out with a Chimichurri sauce of scallions, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, cumin, and oil; pulsed in a food processor until it looked like a pesto and smelled like heaven.  Two tablespoons were mixed with a tablespoon of lime juice and the rest of it was slathered on a flank steak and set to marinate in the refrigerator while we got to work on the important stuff: margaritas.  When you’re spending a good deal of time in the kitchen, you must have a meal-appropriate alcoholic drink to make the whole process more fun.  I have not been adhering to this rule lately and perhaps I need to in order to loosen up a little bit.  I have been pretty uptight.  When I did follow the rule, I would normally find myself sipping on a glass of wine; but $2 pineapples were too good to pass up.  Plus I haven’t yet trained James to appreciate wine.

A spoonful of heaven and a squeeze of lime, to be mixed and set aside for meat tossing later. Pretty colors!

The margaritas involved lots of lemon and lime juice, a bit of sugar, half a pineapple, and a cup each of tequila and triple sec getting thrown into a blender.  Sounds good to me.

ingredient graveyard

Frothy AND delicious!

These margaritas were perfect.  Just sweet enough, with an obvious tequila taste but no bite.  Awesome.  Here’s the recipe:


With drinks in hand, we pulled the meat out of the refrigerator, scraped off the chimichurri, and sprinkled with pepper and sugar.  The meat was seared on all sides in a smoking hot pan, allowed to rest for five minutes, sliced thin and tossed into the reserved sauce.  We then assembled amazing and delicious tacos!

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