The BEST bootcamp routine in recent weeks!

I know, this has been a long time coming.  I keep saying I’ll post the workouts, and keep not doing it!  Here’s my favorite one from the past month or so, I was sore as anything the next day and that is exactly what I look for from a workout.
Before I post it, here’s a little intro: my class has been taking this format: we do two 8-minute traverse drills where there is one exercise to get from one line to another, and an exercise to complete when you arrive at the line (we’re outdoors on a turf field).  Afterwards, I set up a circuit with 8 stations with a different bodyweight exercise at each station.  The first time through, we do the exercise for a minute and jog around the circle to get to the next station (30s).  The second round, we do the exercise for 30 and jog twice around the circle for a minute.

I’m convinced the awesome-ness is due to the two-legged jumps for distance.  That explosive movement to get off the ground and a quick jerk of your legs to bring them in front of you to reach as far as possible really takes a lot of leg strength and core strength, and it’s an extremely intense cardiovascular experience as well.  Love that!

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