Louie the wonder dog

So you all know about my dog, Louie, but I haven’t quite kept you updated on all of his antics.  And by antics I mean things like how the first two days we left him home in his crate for more than five minutes he broke the door off the hinges, one time breaking into his food and eating himself a few sizes larger so that he could only waddle down the street (but he was so happy!), or the time he ripped apart my entire backpack because there was an apple in it, or the time he ate an entire pound of peanuts then pooped them out all over the floor, undigested.  Gross, I know, but dogs will be dogs!  (I should consider myself lucky – Louie’s best friend at the dog park breaks out of her crate and THROUGH THE WINDOWS of the house to search for her beloved owners in the street)

Lately, something strange has been happening.  He hasn’t broken the door off his crate in a long time, but we will come home to Louie outside of a fully closed and locked crate.  WHAT?!  Is our house haunted?  Do we have a Houdini dog on our hands?  It was a mystery until I got this picture on Friday from my roommate Natalie:

The mystery is solved!  Time for some zip ties!

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