A perfect Thanksgiving!

I bet my Thanksgiving was more awesome than yours!  There are several reasons for this:

1. Running: Like an idiot, I had signed myself up for the turkey trot about a month and a half ago, prior to taking an ENTIRE MONTH OFF because when I tried to go out for a birthday run, I made it just two miles down the road before limping back home.  HOWEVER, I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he assured me that it’s not compartment syndrome, probably something mechanical, and told me that if I can tough it out I’m not doing any extra damage so go to PT and it should be fine.  I took this to mean “run the race tomorrow”.  So I did!  And it was glorious!  Perfect weather, very little pain, and although I had just planned to cruise through it (shooting for a leisurely 37:00); I ended up keeping a bit of a faster pace and finished – according to my watch – in 35:30.  Finish line timing only meant that the results show something else.  Whatever, this was definitely not a race race for me, and it was SUPER FUN!

Alysse, sunshine, running, free beer. Perfect morning.

Following Thursday’s success, I got ballsy and went to the 6:30 Varsity Sports Saturday morning run group.  I ended up going 9.5 at a 7:40 pace and feeling good…what?!  It seems too good to be true.  Running (especially without feeling like my leg is being chewed off) makes me so happy – the bubbly Lauren is making a comeback, it’s like I’ve been a totally different person for 7 months.  Here comes overwhelming optimism, I hope you are all ready for it.

2. Lambeth House: I freaking love this place.  Amazing food, good-natured kitchen staff that appreciates our antics, and sweet old people.  What more could you want?  Erin and I went back (I showered and got my butt there ASAP after the run – that beer happened at 9:30 AM.  An old woman later told me I might be an alcoholic) to help set up the annual buffet for residents and residents’ families.  We plated desserts and arranged the tables outside, and later helped to clean everything up.  In between, this happened:

Sorry that you just drooled on your keyboard.  It couldn’t be avoided.

3. FRIENDSGIVING!! Ah, the favorite November holiday of orphaned twentysomethings everywhere.  Andrea and I had Erin, Ellen, Aly, and Aly’s boyfriend Chris and her sister and sister’s boyfriend.  There were 8 in total, 2 vegetarians, 2 vegans, and 4 meat eaters.  Two gluten free, one casein free soy free and basically everything free.  But luckily that was Aly and she is an INCREDIBLE cook.

We went potluck style with this event, which works well when you have all those dietary restrictions and no money.  It’s a win-win!

Vegan truffle mashed potatoes with gluten free/ vegan gravy, vegan/gluten free butternut mac & cheese, arugula apple and walnut salad with caramelized onion and apple cider balsamic vinaigrette, wild rice and cranberry stuffed squash, truffle mashed potato stuffed mushrooms, mini squashes with capers roasted garlic and peppers, vegan/gluten free turnip sweet potato kale and quinoa lasagna, and herbed gruyere Mac & cheese with mushrooms.


Oh just some casual truffled potato stuffed mushrooms with caramelized onions and mini squashes stuffed with olive tapenade, capers, and roasted red peppers. NBD.  (NOTE plating reminiscent of a turkey)


Tom, our turkey

The more the merrier: double layer pumpkin cheesecake, cherry streusel pie, pumpkin pie, and chocolate almond truffle pie.

How nonvegans vs vegans feel on Thanksgiving

Erin gettin into that turkey neck

Louie getting in the spirit with his pilgrim hat

Native American headdress. Louie really likes thanksgiving, he gets belly rubs from all sorts of new friends then makes off with a drumstick when nobody’s looking


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