A VERY IMPORTANT life lesson, with marshmallows.

Hey everybody.

If you couldn’t tell based on my earlier post, we’re having a bit of a slow day here at STPH.  The people we’re supposed to be working with haven’t been here so it’s been all improve since 5AM.  grrrrrrrr.  In times like these, it’s easy to get really annoyed with EVERYTHING.  I could easily go home, be pissed off, and get lost in the internet until I eat five spoonfulls of peanut butter in a row, chase it with a handful of chocolate chips, and pass out because I have had a hard ass week and I feel deserving of a little rest.  But honestly, holding a grudge against a person or situation doesn’t really help anyone – what helps is doing the things that will actually make you happier instead of brooding like a self-indulgent brat.  There is a fine line between joking about the tough times you’re having and flat-out complaining; find that line and toe it with care if you must, but don’t step over it.  (…I seem to have forgotten this lately)

The problem that most people run into at this point is that they have no clue what makes them happy.  This, my friends, is what we call a lack of mindfulness.  One of the most important things in life is understanding what makes you happy and striving to add to that list, so that you don’t get stuck in a downward spiral of self-pity.  These things don’t have to be anything in particular, it could include certain songs, a running route you particularly love, an activity, a person, a book…the possibilities are as varied as all the moods of all the people in the world.  They’re those things that make you smile to yourself even though nobody else has any clue what you’re so happy about.  If you feel yourself going down, refer to this list.

Some people keep their lists mentally, but I have recently decided to start writing it down.  On the blog.  Why?  Well because sometimes I remember something that I really love, then I forget about it when I try to click through my mental list.  And lately I’ve needed that list!  Also, there is one list item that has been cheering me up lately that is silly, frivolous, not good for you but not all that bad for you, and TOTALLY worth it.  That thing is novelty marshmallows.

You see, I get really happy when I find marshmallows that are fun colors, flavors, and shapes.  And lately I’ve been drinking a lot of no sugar added hot chocolate to satisfy my need for something sweet after dinner.  I’m not talkin those creepy neon mini mallows that taste kind of like medicine, but things like these adorable little gingerbread flavored guys:

MADE for waving up at you from a steaming cup of hot chocolate =)

Treated myself to a bag of these recently, and they have made one cabinet in the kitchen smell SO IRRESISTIBLY GOOD that I have had no choice but to start making my gingerbread oatmeal again (recipe to come).

I’ve got another batch of marshmallows currently in the arsenal that may be the most magical marshmallows I have ever come across.  They were gifted to me by my friend Ellen for my birthday, and come from Sucre, a fancy schmancy candy store that is conveniently located a couple blocks from where I live.

What makes these ones so awesome is that they have glitter on them, and melt into a fabulous foamy puddle that flecks your hot chocolate with sparkles.  How can you not smile after a cup of something like that?

OTHER THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY (that I can think of right now)

– running (duh)

– running FRIENDS

– spandex, especially if it’s BRIGHTLY COLORED (see above – I made em do it)

– any activity that will make me sweat


– the mountains

– mugs

– skillfully planning running routes past the houses of people I care about

– leg days

– Palmer’s coconut protein pack – less than $2 at Wal Mart, will make your hair smell like the beach and be soft as anything.  I<3ethnichaircareproducts

– Nice smelling body lotion.  I go through phases with which one I’m using (currently none because I REFUSE to go to the mall here) but it just feels good to smell like yourself.  And to have that smell not be old gym clothes.

– Candles.  Along the same lines as the body lotion, this one seemed way too girly for me until hurricane Isaac forced me to Wal Mart in search of anything that emits light.  I became obsessed with having my room smell nice, which was compounded by the fact that for the most part, the last house I lived in smelled like stale beer and the rotting remains of my roommate’s last game of real-life fruit ninja (WITH MY FRUIT!!)

…to be continued.  I plan to keep adding to this list, and I hope you make one for yourself.  Get happy!  Don’t wallow!

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