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Good luck lentil soup

In Italy, lentils are eaten on New Year’s Eve – the tiny coin-shaped legumes symbolize money and are said to bring good fortune for the coming year.  Coincidentally, they are also the perfect ingredient to make a soup out of … Continue reading

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Adding nutrition and variety to holiday leftovers

Here’s the situation: Three days after a big family meal and you’re still eating the SAME dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner*.  Ok so only my brother is eating beef tenderloin for breakfast, but still.  You get the point. These … Continue reading

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SMART New Year’s Resolutions

My obsession with New Year’s resolutions was born out of necessity due to an ugly Christmas time breakup that left me dazed, depressed, and lost.  Folks, it was bad.  After unintentionally losing 10 pounds through the Christmas holiday, I decided … Continue reading

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Your reach should exceed your grasp

This little pearl of wisdom is a favorite of my AP English teacher, Mr. Trimmer, from Junior and Senior year of high school.  Aside from torturing us with Annie Dillard and making everyone cry at least once over the two … Continue reading

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This year’s #awkwardfamilyphotos

I told you all about the tradition, so here are the finest of the 2012 photo shoot: And there you have it!  I actually saw my friend Cameron the other day and he said, completely unprompted: “You know what one … Continue reading

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I know, you thought I died or something. HOW COULD I NOT UPDATE YOU ABOUT MY RUNS IN OVER A MONTH?!!?!!?!?! Laziness I guess.  Or busy-ness.  Or both.  Know what I just noticed?  Lazy:laziness::busy:business.  Weird, probably should have made that … Continue reading

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Uncomfortably weird Christmas Eve photos: a family tradition

I am not sure why this started.  I am not sure how we got this way.  But my whole family is just plain old weird. It must have been at least 5 years ago that we started to pose as … Continue reading

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