Oh, did I forget to tell you?


That’s right, flew in on Friday for my specialty rotation at Big Y, a local chain of grocery stores that is headquartered just 30 minutes from my parents’ house in Springfield, MA.

But let’s back up a second.  I went to physical therapy for the first time on Friday!  I went to Crane Rehab on River Road (as recommended by my boss at Hour Blast) and saw Emily.  She was awesome!  I really like when a healthcare provider scans the forms you have filled out then TALKS to you.  For a long time.  What I have to say is far more interesting than what I can fit on their form, so recognition of that fact is highly appreciated.  Turns out that the pain in my leg is the muscle that lifts the big toe, which makes a lot of sense because it KILLS when I do speedwork or anything that requires me to push off with my toes.  When it hurts, I find myself running more flat-footed, and therefore using the toe less.  Emily’s solution?  Stick some needles in there!

Looks gruesome, really is not so bad.

I posted this picture on facebook because it is just really cool and my brother HAD to point out the fact that my legs could be a bit less prickly.  Thanks a lot Andrew, I was just trying to freak out all of my friends/make them respect me more by showing them the needles lodged in my muscle and you just went and made it embarrassing.  Whatever.  Owning it.

This technique is called dry needling, and it is kind of like accupuncture except that a different area is targeted.  When you have a tight, knotted muscle, the area where the knot is is referred to as a trigger point.  (I am probably messing up this explanation to a certain extent, after all I am a food person not an A&P person so bear with me here).  In dry needling, the therapist sticks the needle right in the middle of it all, which makes it all just kind of relax.  When it goes in there is a tiny prick, then I felt a kind of deep muted ache in the muscle.  It was weird.

After PT I packed, having forgone that minor detail the previous night in favor of finishing the Thanksgiving wine and convincing my roommates that Yogurtland was the obvious choice for dinner.

Then came class, then came AIRPORT with Alysse.  She was flying also, just 15 minutes before me, and she was a little nervous.  We worked on that.

Oh DAMN girl, check out those baby blues!

Both my flights were uneventful, but then this happened:


Two of my very best friends in the whole wide world, Emily and Ryo, picked me up at Logan right after midnight.  The evening was consumed with cuddles, catching up, and Flula before passing out in a mountain of blankets.

The next morning was more magical than I could have ever expected.  I woke up to this:

Gus the cat watching SNOW falling outside.  What a welcome home =)

Gus the cat, watching the SNOW FALL!


Which was followed by this:

Breakfast at In A Pickle – highly recommended

Emily, Ryo, Kathleen, and Hannah all came out to breakfast.  Emily and I shared pancakes with chocolate chips, bananas, and coconut; along with a veggie omelet that was served with really really good homefries.  It was perfectly satisfying, and we all (Ryo especially) enjoyed watching the efficiency that the cooks prepared everything with.

After breakfast, we watched the first three episodes of Parks and Rec while drinking tea and I am now hooked.

My mom scooped me up to drive me out to the Berkshires so I could SKI on Sunday, and I’ll leave you with a picture from that:

Need I say more?

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