Media for Big Y


So it’s been a long time since I updated you guys, things have been SUPER hectic (more on that later).  I wanted to share some pictures from the last day that I was at Big Y.  Two Fridays ago Carrie and I spent the day filming different segments for the news, many of which I wrote myself!  It was really cool to see it happen from start to finish.  There was a time when these segments were just a thought passing through my mind while sitting in a cubicle, and there I was standing in a grocery store and TV studio, hearing the words I wrote.  Pretty cool!

We started out doing the cooking demos in a brand new kitchen set at ABC 40.  We did segments with a kale and bean soup to encourage the use of leafy greens, a low sugar and fat hot chocolate recipe using a sugar/stevia blend and skim milk that results in a rich and delicious drink that you would NEVER know is better for you, and breakfast in a cup which was an egg and vegetable scramble made in the microwave in less than 5 minutes.

ABC40 studio

Carrie and Joe, our triathlete documentary-filming camera man

The set was gorgeous and had nice touches like Tuscan Fig dish soap (uhh…fancier than my house!!).

There was a “window” which was a screen that could be changed according to the season.  Some technical difficulties were experienced.



We moved from the studio to the store in Wilbraham to film some segments that focused on tips and products rather than cooking


Overall, this rotation was definitely one of (if not the) best I have had so far.  I always had something to do, felt that my work was really worthwhile, and I got to see it through to production.  With our short 1-week rotations, it is often difficult for preceptors to give us meaningful work.  Carrie did an excellent job of ensuring that I was always busy and giving feedback so I got a good understanding of what is important when writing for the general public.  Go Big Y!

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