Tryna make YOU go to rehab

Okay so this really has nothing to do with drugs at all (though I have a story related both to drugs and to the true message of this post).  I want everyone here who is active to go to physical therapySeriously though, I just want you to be happy and this will change your life.

I haven’t talked about my own running much lately, and I definitely should be because it’s been going swimmingly.  And why is that?  You thought I was having paralyzing pain in my left leg?  Yeah, I did too.  It would come back any time I ran consistently over 20 miles a week.  I already told you what I changed: I started going to Crane Rehab Center.  My therapist, Emily, is awesome as a person and as a professional, and the environment at the clinic is super-friendly and fun.  I actually look forward to going.  Since that picture I posted before, I’ve been back twice.  Here are the two more recent and way cooler needling pictures:

needling monday

needling tuesdayAs you can see, I’m moving up in the world of dry needling and getting way more stuck in there lately.

So how does it feel?

Well first there is a little prick, then they sink the needle into your leg.  It doesn’t hurt like crazy or anything, it just feels weird. Like a deep ache.  Unless of course you hit a nerve, in which case it tingles (did that this morning – WEIRD).  When she’s putting them in, I get a little nervous and my hands get sweaty…that is weird too, nothing in my life has ever caused a nervous hand-sweat.  I don’t really get it.  But after that, you just chill out for ten minutes and DON’T MOVE THE NEEDLED LEG.  They don’t really feel like anything coming out.  The rest of the day, my leg always feels kind of weird.  You know the ache that you feel when you’re really sore but not moving, and then when you move that sore muscle it hurts like hell?  It’s that kind of ache only without the painful soreness.  I kind of get distracted by this weird sensation and don’t even realize that the pain I went to fix is gone!

For about a week I kind of thought that I was cured forever because I felt AMAZING (aside from a horrible case of DOMS due to a speed workout that I may or may not talk about later) and cancelled an appointment that I had, but a pain of much smaller magnitude started to come back and I knew I should get a couple good sessions in before I go home.  Not to mention I really like hangin out at Crane.

Without going to physical therapy, I would never have been able to fix this problem.  It’s just been some crazy trigger points in that one muscle that controls my big toe, but it was painful enough to keep me out of the game since I started trying to come back from the stress fracture in late July until Thanksgiving – that is a long time!  Clearly my self-prescribed rest was not doing the trick.  It seems obvious to me that the expertise of a physical therapist was required to pinpoint the issue and treat it (which my sports doctor could not do).  If you’ve got some aches and pains that have been nagging you, GO TO THERAPY.  Chances are it will cost less than ten bucks a pop, less than a haircut, dinner, or manicure and way way way more important for your sanity.


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