I know, you thought I died or something.


Laziness I guess.  Or busy-ness.  Or both.  Know what I just noticed?  Lazy:laziness::busy:business.  Weird, probably should have made that connection years sooner.

But anyway I have told you guys that I am running with a group now, so I’m running pretty regularly (read: 30-35 mi/wk) and trying to get a good base to really train hard for Boston.  Really.  I’m talkin 3:05.

So what does this look like in practice?  Here is the week of 12/17 – 12/23.  I will say, fitting in my runs between working at the Reily center before 9 hour days at Ochsner bariatric surgery clinic AND traveling home was a little rough, but I tried to work it out:

MONDAY: Rest.  Ran long the day before (15 – more than I should have seeing as my previous longest run was ~10.  Whoops)

TUESDAY: The speed workout I was supposed to do Monday with the group that I missed because of work and rest.  The plan was this: 3 or 4 x 3 minutes hard (90 seconds easy), 10 minutes very slow jog or walk between, 3 or 4 x 3 minutes hard (90 seconds easy).  My goal was to run the hard intervals at 6:45 for the first set, then 6:40 for the second set with the rest 1:30 around 7:30 pace.  I nailed the intervals but my recovery was a little slow.

WEDNESDAY: Happy’s running club!  A.K.A. a 5k jaunt around downtown followed by 2-for-1 beer.  I made Andrea come even though she was nervous about it and I ran with her.  I didn’t use my watch but we ran around 3 miles at a leisurely pace and followed it up with some fun times, including posing for the camera while getting a tour of a car that Nissan brought to show off (while handing out some swag).  Running, good friends, good times.

Looking contemplative, Andrea!  Sorry I am so embarrassing.

THURSDAY: 4.5ish miles with the running club from the Rusty Nail!  It wasn’t super fast – 7:18 pace – but for some reason it hurt a lot.  Two runs down Bourbon in two days – can’t complain.  I really love the hecklers along that route, they are endlessly entertaining.

FRIDAY: Traveling day!

SATURDAY: 16 (ish) miles.  Planned to run 2 hours at 7:35 – 7:40.  The only long routes around here have greater vertical than the entire state of Louisiana, so I was pretty nervous starting out.  I even forgot about water and fuel so I grabbed a handful of stale gummi bears that I found in the kitchen and threw a bottle out the car window about 5 miles into the route to sip on when I got there (I stopped at a bagel place 10 miles in after emerging from the wilderness).  Turns out I ran a 7:36 pace despite the 655-foot elevation gain, snow flurries, and 45mph wind gusts.  Felt pretty darn good about that!  I did end up doing the full 16, though I jogged it out for the last half mile or so after I hit the 2-hr mark when I stopped my watch before then so I could have my average pace for the planned run…#obsessed

SUNDAY: Recover from partying in Boston.  Luckily I survived the drive home on very little sleep and not enough coffee.  Yet another triumph for the weekend!

Overall: ~30 miles, some serious hills, a considerable amount of pain, and LOTS OF FUN!  Man, I love running. =)  The best part now is that when I’m doing a crazy ass speed workout that makes me want to puke (like the one I did on xmas eve), I can just tell myself Lauren, you would have sold your firstborn to do this a few months ago.  Suck it up and DO IT!  And it’s totally true.  I’m a lucky girl to have friends to train with and support me, a schedule that allows me to get in some serious running time (even if they do start at 6AM sometimes), and legs that will take me the distance.  Life is sweeeeet

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