This year’s #awkwardfamilyphotos

I told you all about the tradition, so here are the finest of the 2012 photo shoot:

One nice one, for posterity

And now we’re gettin’ weird. Totem pole!

Where does the dog go???

TO THE POUND!! Get it?? Not sure if this qualifies as a joke, but that is pretty standard when it comes to my dad’s sense of humor.

Pinkies out when you’re drinkin with Mom! Not to worry, Justine (underage) is a prolific sparkling cider drinker, but Andrew (24 in a week) drinks strictly water and chocolate milk. While taking this picture, Nana called him a Mormon. Typical.

And there you have it!  I actually saw my friend Cameron the other day and he said, completely unprompted: “You know what one of my favorite parts of the holidays is?  Seeing the Ross family photo shoot.”  Perhaps laughing at how utterly ridiculous we are will become part of your holiday traditions as well.

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