How do you eat your grapefruit??

It’s citrus season, which for me means grapefruit season.  You can get oranges pretty inexpensively all year long, but grapefruit is another story.  Around this time every year, the high school band back home does a fundraiser selling the fruit by the case.   Although I don’t have an entire case, I did just cash in on a 10 for $10 deal at Fresh Market, and let me tell you: they are delicious as ever.

But that’s not the point here.  What I want to know is this: How do you eat your grapefruit??  I have been seeing a lot about grapefruit lately, even in Runner’s World, where they suggested broiling segments and serving over yogurt with honey.  Hell, they even make utensils specifically for this fruit !

I have gotten some strange looks for peeling and eating mine as if it were an orange, but I do have one other friend who enjoys them like this.  We also drove 20 hours straight just the two of us on a whim on Spring Break once, so it’s possible that there is something wrong with us.  Love ya Soph!

Grapefruit peelers

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