What’s in Lauren’s lunch box?

If you have ever spent time with “nutrition people”, you know that we are always eating.  We come prepared, we bring snacks, we ensure that our hunger is satiated and our blood sugar remains consistent.  What you probably don’t see is the planning that goes into it.  So here you have it, a look inside my lunch box!

lunch box

Supporting local farmers with my lunch box!


The first item is always an “entrée” type food, usually in my trusty 8-oz ziplock containers.  This one was curry lentils and green beans, but it could be a soup, butternut squash and mushroom barley risotto, or something from the night before.  If you check out my freezer, you’ll see a bunch of little containers of these type of easy-to-reheat foods that I can just grab and throw in my bag in the morning.  When you cook on the weekend in large batches, it makes the weekdays a lot easier!  I try to have a few different options in stock so I don’t get bored.  Most of these options will easily keep for 6 months in the freezer, so it is safe as well as delicious!


That little tiny container has hummus inside!  Hummus is one of those good-for-you foods that is easy to go overboard on, so having my tiny little container is great for portion control (and I often don’t end up using all of it anyway).  Not to mention it fits perfectly in my bag!  Less than a dollar at World Market.


You never know when you’re gonna need to snack on a good ol’ granny smith!


Now, a vehicle for the hummus!  I love the crunch of fresh vegetables, and the interactive dip-and-eat style of veggies and hummus is simply more fun than eating a bowl full of cooked veggies.  My all-time favorite for lunch is raw broccoli, it pairs so well with classic hummus!  I also frequently have carrots on hand, and celery and cucumber also make an appearance from time to time.


That bag is always a mix of something starchy and some kind of nuts.  This day it was almonds and Quaker Healthy Hearts cereal (recommended by Alysse).  Others it is Wheat Thins and peanuts.  It’s often a mid-morning snack, but provides whole grains and healthy fats whenever I choose to break it out.

cheese stick

Reduced fat Colby Jack cheese stick.  This one is Sargento brand.  Fat free cheese tastes and feels like plastic, but reduced fat is delicious.  This little guy, though low in calories (60) packs some quality protein (5g).  And be honest, you know you wish you had one in your lunch box today.


Top it all off with another piece of fruit and you’re good to go!

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