Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!

I just got this article in my inbox, and it could not have come at a better time.
Lately, I have been thinking a lot about why people run. It started after an 18-miler two Saturdays ago when I arose well before dawn just a few minutes after a horrible thunder storm to drive an hour across the lake to run in some “hills” (whatever that means in Louisiana). I was tired and reluctant, but when we got there I knew it would be a good day. The long, rolling country roads were surrounded by fields and green, much like Amherst, the town where I first fell in love with running. The pace was easy, the scenery beautiful, and the companionship welcome. oh yeah, this is why I run!
Then on Sunday, one of my friends hopped in for the first hour of a 2-hour training run and asked me: “Do you think that the people in run group really loved running or just love being in shape?” I had never considered this before. He, having grown up in California, was well acquainted with the joys of running with nature, immersed in the beauty of it. Here in New Orleans, nature is all but absent unless you’re willing to run the same circles in the park over and over and over again. Is it possible to feel that same magic while plodding through a concrete jungle?
So often, we focus on hitting our paces, dreading the next pickup, trying to catch the guy in front of us. Read that article and remember why you love to run! And please, if you happen to be someplace beautiful, log a couple miles for me 🙂

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