Northern girl, southern ingredient.


So last week I was searching for bagged kale to make soup with, and all I found was turnip greens. Two pounds of turnip greens. I decided it would work for the soup (which it did) but now I have probably 1.5 pounds of greens that I really don’t know how to work with. Last night I threw them in a crazy concoction that I’ll call “Vegemite pasta with Parmesan, turnip greens, and red pepper flakes”, which was actually delicious. Today I sautéed half an onion and two cloves of garlic in my cast iron skillet, added three big handfuls of greens, red pepper, and salt and cooked until the greens were soft, when I stirred in about 1T red wine vinegar. I made a well, cracked an egg, left on the stove for another 2 minutes then threw the whole thing in a preheated oven that I switched to broil to cook the egg a little more. Surprisingly tasty!

As you can see, I ate straight from the skillet. If you are less barbaric, you can dish it up, being sure to keep the runny yolks intact. Or better yet, after the greens are cooked, dish them up into ramekins before cracking the egg!

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