Friday fears


Not exactly uplifting, I know, but I’ll explain in a second. First, breakfast today was an effort to use up bits of vegetable in the refrigerator: turnip greens, red onion, bell pepper sautéed with garlic powder salt and pepper, then scrambled with one whole egg and a few egg whites. A little paprika and Tony’s (very little Tony’s. that stuff is saaaaaalty!)

Anyway, I confessed about my aching leg yesterday. It’s not a muscular pain like when my left leg was causing problems for a few months, it’s a diffuse aching on impact that I can’t really palate. Consistent with bony problems. I went to pt yesterday morning, and although she didn’t tell me I was out for the marathon she was concerned that it might be another stress fracture. I told myself I’d ice three times a day, roll out, stretch, wear compression socks, and stay positive but let me tell you, easier said than done (the last part). My rotation is really easy this week, giving me plenty of time to freak out. To add to it, I’m feeling pretty lonely lately. So please: if you’re in southeastern Louisiana and reading this, CALL ME! I’m up for anything: lazer tag, movies, gator huntin, beer drinkin, puzzle assembling, gardening, hanging out with your grandma….this is a plea from a desperate girl.

Another fear: getting a JOB. I’ve got a résumé that needs completing but a computer that has been in the shop all week. Can you say anxiety?

As crazy as I sound right now, I am feeling alright…for the time being. I’m kind of like a ping pong ball right now, going from “everything is great and I WILL get better!” To “holy shit another 7 months off??? But running is the only thing going on right now!” At the drop of a hat. Good news though: it’s Friday and therefore I will most definitely be indulging in a drink or two. That should help.

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2 Responses to Friday fears

  1. We can skype one night to ease your loneliness. And I want to ship your bike to you…hook me up with it’s location and I will get on that. You are going to run Boston. And you are going to rest before hand. AND…you are also still going to kick some serious ass. Jill and I talked about your situation today and she confirmed my thoughts.

    • I can’t tell you how amazing it has been to know that I can freak out to you all day and you’ll be there with something thoughtful to say rather than “oh that sucks I’m sorry” and words of encouragement. That’s what a real friend is for! Tell Jill I said hi and that I’ll be thinking of you two at mile 24…you already know what I look like at mile 24 lol. Misssss youuuuu

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