Ever wonder what community nutrition research looks like??


As part of my work with Tulane’s Prevention Research Center, I am counting kids utilizing their school’s salad bar today!

The current funding at the PRC is for a few different studies investigating health and diet from a public health perspective.  The study I’m working on here is examining the effect of salad bars in lunch rooms and their effect on consumption of fresh produce.  Other projects examining how people decide where to grocery shop and whether providing funds for small stores to open with the stipulation that a certain percentage of shelf space be devoted to fresh produce will change peoples’ eating habits and help to fight obesity.  Interesting stuff – I have worked on developing similar projects and am constantly amazed at all the different variables that can affect such decisions.  So many factors must be considered to develop a statistic to attempt to describe certain habits, choices, and decisions.  I won’t get too into it here but MAN.  People are complicated.

SO I’m considering whether I can take this little desk counter thing out this weekend, it would be a nice little ledge to rest a beer on, don’t you think???

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2 Responses to Ever wonder what community nutrition research looks like??

  1. hahaha, this is adorable.

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