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What’s going on?

Good question.  I’ve been up to a lot lately, including spiking a 101-degree fever while stuck in a secure parking lot and projectile vomiting into a trash can (tmi?), running back to my car soaking wet from the pool with … Continue reading

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One previously unknown, irrational, and paralyzing fear: CONQUERED!

This is going to sound stupid, but I learned something about myself recently: I had a fear of swimming at the pool at the gym. Not because I’m a germophobe, not because I was scared I could drown, but simply … Continue reading

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The curse of the noodly runner

I’ve heard it so many times before: runners, when in training, slack off hard on their strength training.  Every time, I would think to myself what slackers.  That will never be me – I LOVE lifting!  I LOVE the gym!  … Continue reading

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Checking in on the yoga resolution

So far so good, thanks to Kari. Last week, we met up at the Rec Center for some catch up and a private yoga session.  Although neither of us work there anymore, we are still loved and were able to … Continue reading

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Move your butt! **Fixed the link – sorry!!

Emily just posted about her blog’s facebook, pinterest, youtube channel, etc.; and the youtube channel includes some little videos that we did for UMass Campus Rec during finals week last fall.  I thought I’d link you all to my video, … Continue reading

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Your reach should exceed your grasp

This little pearl of wisdom is a favorite of my AP English teacher, Mr. Trimmer, from Junior and Senior year of high school.  Aside from torturing us with Annie Dillard and making everyone cry at least once over the two … Continue reading

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Tryna make YOU go to rehab

Okay so this really has nothing to do with drugs at all (though I have a story related both to drugs and to the true message of this post).  I want everyone here who is active to go to physical … Continue reading

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