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Maple-mustard chicken and broccoli slaw

Let me temper that downer of a post with something delicious! As I said, I have had more time to take care of myself and prepare good meals as of late.  I had seriously been lacking animal protein in my … Continue reading

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Multigrain apple yogurt breakfast parfait

Happy St. Patrick’s parade day New Orlenians! Bring 1 cup of water, salted, to a boil with 1/2 cup mixed grains (I used bulgur, buckwheat groats, and oats) 1 T raisins, and spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg). Once boiling, pour in … Continue reading

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Quick vegetarian taco salad AND protein is everywhere!

Who says dinner has to cook forever to be hot and delicious? Inspired by a friend’s Facebook status that she is currently eating at Juan’s Flying Burrito, I decided to go Mexican for the night. At Juan’s, there is one … Continue reading

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The weekend in produce and what the F to do with a buttload of kale

So I purchased a massive quantity of hardy greens AGAIN, and no I don’t really have a plan for it all or room in the refrigerator but this time I had a good reason: the massive bunch of kale was … Continue reading

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Northern girl, southern ingredient.

So last week I was searching for bagged kale to make soup with, and all I found was turnip greens. Two pounds of turnip greens. I decided it would work for the soup (which it did) but now I have … Continue reading

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Spicy sweet potato with honey mustard-yogurt dipping sauce

This sweet potato has been staring me down for weeks. Today, I cut it up, tossed with cinnamon and cayenne, and baked at 400 for 20ish minutes. Mix a scant squeeze of honey mustard with a scoop of plain yogurt … Continue reading

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Get this grain: BULGUR

There are a million and one different grains out there, but often people are intimidated and stick to well-known (and kind of boring) ones like rice.  In this recurring segment, I’ll teach you about all different grains and break them … Continue reading

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