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Multigrain apple yogurt breakfast parfait

Happy St. Patrick’s parade day New Orlenians! Bring 1 cup of water, salted, to a boil with 1/2 cup mixed grains (I used bulgur, buckwheat groats, and oats) 1 T raisins, and spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg). Once boiling, pour in … Continue reading

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Friday fears

Not exactly uplifting, I know, but I’ll explain in a second. First, breakfast today was an effort to use up bits of vegetable in the refrigerator: turnip greens, red onion, bell pepper sautéed with garlic powder salt and pepper, then … Continue reading

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Happy National Breakfast Week!

What a wonderful thing to celebrate! This week I have a rotation that is particularly easygoing. Pair that with an aching leg and you’ve got some slow mornings filled with breakfast and the Today Show. Today, I made a version … Continue reading

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Good food re-find!

I haven’t seen this chai-spiced oatmeal since three years ago at a Shaw’s in Ludlow, VT. Normally, I like to doctor up my oats with flax, pumpkin, egg whites, fresh fruit, nuts…you name it. But when I’m running short on … Continue reading

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Oh, did I forget to tell you? I’m in MASSACHUSETTS!! That’s right, flew in on Friday for my specialty rotation at Big Y, a local chain of grocery stores that is headquartered just 30 minutes from my parents’ house in … Continue reading

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Tailoring your breakfast for the nutrients you need

I’ve previously discussed why oatmeal is often my go-to breakfast, which mostly revolves around it being the perfect morning run fuel.  Now that I’m not running, nutrients other than carbohydrate take precedence when I consider my morning meal.  Since I … Continue reading

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It’s made from oatmeal, but it’s not oatmeal!

We’re talkin’ about oat bran.  Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly made from oatmeal, but it’s made from oats like oatmeal is, they’re just processed differently.  Now, when I say that oatmeal and oat bran are “processed”, I don’t mean … Continue reading

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