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One previously unknown, irrational, and paralyzing fear: CONQUERED!

This is going to sound stupid, but I learned something about myself recently: I had a fear of swimming at the pool at the gym. Not because I’m a germophobe, not because I was scared I could drown, but simply … Continue reading

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Active vacations in inactive places

As you all know, James is here (!).  In New Orleans.  A city whose two favorite pastimes – eating rich food and drinking to excess – are tied for first place.  To stay fit on a visit here and still … Continue reading

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What makes your workout?

Today as I get ready to leave for my second class at Hour Blast (see yesterday’s post), I am reminded how even the littlest things can make your workout ten times better.  Today, it’s my AWESOME socks. This pair of … Continue reading

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Finding a new gym, part 3: Hour Blast

As I mentioned previously, I spoke with Karen at Hour Blast on Friday.  Today, I got to take a class with her to try it out.  Located at 7611 Maple St, it’s easy to get to and there is plenty … Continue reading

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Guess what!

Something incredible happened this week. I started running again! So maybe it’s just been 5-minute intervals.  Maybe it feels a little harder than it should.  But I’m RUNNING! When I went to the orthopedist earlier in the month, my doctor … Continue reading

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