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Ever wonder what community nutrition research looks like??

As part of my work with Tulane’s Prevention Research Center, I am counting kids utilizing their school’s salad bar today! The current funding at the PRC is for a few different studies investigating health and diet from a public health … Continue reading

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Survival eating: When things don’t go as planned

For me, this post is mostly inspired by hurricane Isaac, but survival eating doesn’t cover just natural disasters.  I am referring to any circumstance when you are pressed for resources: money, time, knowledge, cooking resources, etc.  It could be a … Continue reading

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Updates of all sorts

Okay, so I realize I’ve checked out of the blog world for a while.  Today, my mom told me “Post on your blog I’m getting bored!”, to which I obviously told her I didn’t want to (because a girl has … Continue reading

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Tailoring your breakfast for the nutrients you need

I’ve previously discussed why oatmeal is often my go-to breakfast, which mostly revolves around it being the perfect morning run fuel.  Now that I’m not running, nutrients other than carbohydrate take precedence when I consider my morning meal.  Since I … Continue reading

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Active vacations in inactive places

As you all know, James is here (!).  In New Orleans.  A city whose two favorite pastimes – eating rich food and drinking to excess – are tied for first place.  To stay fit on a visit here and still … Continue reading

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Educational procrastination

There are few (relatively) famous people that I really love.  One of them is Kara Gaucher, for simultaneously being so darn cute while being so darn badass.  Another is Joy Bauer, the dietitian on the Today Show.  Not only is … Continue reading

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It’s made from oatmeal, but it’s not oatmeal!

We’re talkin’ about oat bran.  Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly made from oatmeal, but it’s made from oats like oatmeal is, they’re just processed differently.  Now, when I say that oatmeal and oat bran are “processed”, I don’t mean … Continue reading

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